O período de medo em um cachorro

O período de medo em um cachorro

As a rule, at the age of 3 months, the puppy begins a period of fears, and even if he was lively and courageous before, he begins to be afraid of seemingly harmless things. Many owners worry that the pet is a coward. Is this true and what to do with a puppy during a period of fear?

First of all, it is worth starting to walk with a puppy before the period of fears begins, that is, up to 3 months. If the first walk takes place during the period of fears, it will be more difficult for you to teach the puppy not to be afraid of the street.

Walking with a puppy is necessary every day, at least 3 hours a day in any weather, regardless of your mood. If the puppy is frightened, do not pet him and do not let him cling to his legs. Wait for the wave of fear to subside and encourage at that moment. Also encourage any safe display of curiosity and interest in the world around you. But if the puppy was so scared that he began to tremble, take him in your arms and leave the “terrible” place.

The second period of fear usually occurs between the fifth and sixth month of a puppy’s life.

The main thing that the owner can do during the period of puppy fears is not to panic and let the pet survive this time. Skip the vet (if the puppy is healthy) or dog handler visits and keep the puppy as predictable and safe as possible until his behavior is back to normal.

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