Cão faz poças em casa

Cão faz poças em casa

It is not so rare that a dog makes puddles at home. The owners, of course, do not like this state of affairs, and they scold the dog, poke their nose into puddles, or use other punishments. But if this helps in some way, it is only a temporary relief for the owner, who let off steam in this way. And the problem is still not solved. Why does a dog make puddles at home and what to do in this case?

The problem of uncleanliness is quite difficult to solve because it has not one cause, but several. Different experts give different classifications, in which there can be up to 16 reasons. And each of them requires its own solutions. And if you choose the wrong method, the situation will only worsen.

Why does a dog make puddles at home?

The main causes of uncleanliness are as follows:

  1. Illness (for example, cystitis).
  2. The dog physically cannot tolerate walking.
  3. There is no clear schedule for feeding and walking.
  4. Predisposição genética.
  5. Susto
  6. Marking behavior (labels).
  7. The dog was not taught that all things should be done on the street.

What to do if the dog makes puddles at home?

As you may have guessed, the first step is to establish the cause of uncleanliness. For example, using a special scheme.

And already knowing the cause, it is much easier to fix the problem.

But first of all, you should consult a veterinarian to rule out health problems. After all, if the dog is sick, no methods of correcting behavior simply will not help. And if you cure the pet, the problem can go away by itself.

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