Alimentando filhotes a partir de três semanas de forma natural: esquema

Alimentando filhotes a partir de três semanas de forma natural: esquema

From three weeks old, you can start feeding puppies. How to properly feed puppies from three weeks of age? What is the feeding plan?

First of all, it is worth noting that for feeding puppies from three weeks old, food is used in mushy or liquid form. In essence, puppies are given the food they will consume after weaning. And if we talk about feeding puppies with natural water, then the ingredients should be whipped to the consistency of a thin puree in a blender. Also, many manufacturers supply the market with ready-made formulas for feeding puppies of this age.

The mixture for feeding puppies of three weeks must be given fresh and heated to a temperature of 38 – 39 degrees. As a rule, at the beginning, puppies of three weeks of age react poorly to food, because they are still fed on mother’s milk. However, it is worth starting to eat alone, the rest will join.

You can attract the baby to complementary foods – for example, gently bring them to a bowl, smear the puppy’s nose with your finger, or put a little food in his mouth. But coercion is absolutely unacceptable!

Scheme of feeding puppies from three weeks natural

As for the amount of food, the benchmark here is the appetite of the kids. Different dogs have different amounts of milk, so there can be no clear recommendations. Puppies should eat all of the food. If they failed, then the amount of food for the next feeding should be reduced. Also reduce the amount of complementary foods if puppies have diarrhea.

Lure of puppies from three weeks naturalka is carried out separately from the female, so that they can eat calmly. Puppies are fed on a flat plate.

If the puppies of three weeks are still fed mother’s milk, it is enough to feed them 3 times a day (every 8 to 10 hours).

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