Por que o estresse extra para um cão é ruim

Por que o estresse extra para um cão é ruim

Very often, cynologists, having learned that the dog is “badly” behaving, recommend increasing the load. Like, the dog is not busy enough, she is bored, and this is the root of all problems. The load is increasing, but the situation is only getting worse. What’s the matter?

Why Excessive Exercise is Bad for Dogs

Indeed, if a dog is bored, it shows behavioral problems. But the other pole is also not very good. If the dog is loaded more and more, there may come a time when he ceases to cope with the loads. And this already violates the well-being of the dog, specifically – freedom from grief and suffering. After all, both lack and excessive stress cause distress (“bad” stress).

Distress, in turn, causes “bad” behavior. Because a dog living in abnormal conditions cannot behave normally.

Excessive loads are fraught with problems such as excessive barking and whining, obsessive motor stereotypes, the dog becomes anxious, irritable, sometimes showing aggression towards relatives and people. It is difficult for such dogs to concentrate, they learn worse and have difficulty with self-control, unable to relax. The owner is nervous, sometimes begins to put pressure on the dog, and this further exacerbates the situation.

O que fazer?

Remember that a life that is too boring is bad, but too varied and loaded is also not good. It is very important to maintain a balance of predictability and variety, to select the right level of physical and intellectual activity that the dog can cope with and which is enough.

If you are unable to find such a balance on your own, you can seek help from a specialist who works with humane methods. Now this is not a problem, because consultations are held not only in person, but also online, so that even residents of small and remote places can get help and improve the life of a pet.

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