Rampas e degraus para cama de cachorro

Rampas e degraus para cama de cachorro

Some, after reading about ramps and steps for dog beds, wonder: what is it and why is it needed? Let’s figure it out.

Why do you need ramps and steps for a dog bed?

If you like your dog to sleep on a bed or sofa, there is one thing to think about.

Dogs, especially small ones, have to jump high (relative to their height) to get on a sofa or bed. And jump from great heights. But for the musculoskeletal system, this is harmful and fraught with injuries and many diseases in the future.

Such jumps are especially harmful for puppies, older dogs and pets prone to diseases of the spine and musculoskeletal system.

To avoid such problems, ramps and ladders have been invented, with the help of which the dog can safely climb onto and off the bed or sofa.

You can buy such a ladder or ramp, make it to order or make it yourself. On the Internet you can find many ideas on manufacturing technology.

It is important that the ladder or ramp is comfortable for the dog and not slippery.

How to train a dog to take a ladder or ramp

It is easy to train a dog to use a ladder or a ramp. Guidance will help you with this. With the help of a tasty treat that you hold by your pet’s nose, you show him the way to the sofa or bed. And learn to descend the same way.

If the important conditions are met and the ladder or ramp is comfortable for the dog, and you train him with positive reinforcement, the four-legged friend will very quickly appreciate that it is easier and more convenient to climb onto the sofa or bed in this way. And with pleasure will use this invention.

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