O que causa a agressividade dos gatos?
Comportamento do gato

O que causa a agressividade dos gatos?

O que causa a agressividade dos gatos?

Remember that the key to a stable animal psyche is a happy childhood. In the first two months of life, a cat takes care of a kitten – the mother is constantly next to him. Then there is a smooth transition from mother’s milk to special food. If a kitten was treated well at an early age, it will affect his entire later life.

The aggression of an animal can be different, as well as the factors provoking it to such behavior.

Attack on the host

If a cat becomes aggressive, for example, at the time of feeding, if it bites and scratches the hands and feet of the owner, this indicates that in childhood it was weaned from mother’s milk incorrectly. Such a transition was unnatural, forced for the animal. It is worth correcting such behavior with a light slap or a click on the nose, but not by brute force. After that, it is important to start learning caress and play. The animal must perceive you as the only, natural and correct source of food. Pamper him with treats – then over time, fear and discomfort from feeding will pass.

Instinto de caça

If you notice that a cat is hunting you, children, or guests, do not encourage this behavior, perceiving it as a game. In fact, her hunting instinct woke up, which is quite natural for these animals. You can deal with this phenomenon. To do this, you need to look the animal in the eyes for a long time, and if the pet is the first to look away, then you have won. Most likely, he will stop perceiving you as his prey.

You should not make active gestures to the cat: this is how you encourage her instinct and encourage her to continue hunting.

If your pet is overactive, give him some toys so that he has the opportunity to vent his energy in playing with these items, and not in hunting people.

Redirecting Aggression

Pets are also characterized by such a character trait as redirecting aggression. If the cat is not able to direct its anger to what annoys it, it can redirect it to the one who is closest. For example, when your pet sees another cat in the window, he will worry about the integrity of his territory and get angry. At this moment, he can splash out feelings on the owner, for example, clinging to him, and this will be a natural reaction. Therefore, when you see that the pet is angry and annoyed, it is better to leave him alone.

Cat aggression can be provoked by other animals that live with it in the same house. In this case, it is better to temporarily keep them in different rooms until the passions subside. All this will help pets to adapt to each other, and over time they will definitely find a common language.

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