Como desmamar um gato para dormir na cama?
Comportamento do gato

Como desmamar um gato para dormir na cama?

Como desmamar um gato para dormir na cama?

Why does the cat sleep on the bed

It’s no secret that cats love to sleep where it’s warmer. Therefore, under the blanket, the pet feels in its place.

Heat attracts cats because they spend the first days of life under the warm side of their mother, and warmth for them means comfort and protection.

Of course, in addition to the bed in the apartment there are many more warm places. Someone likes to sleep on the heated floor, someone likes to sleep on the radiator. But many cats from all places choose the owner’s bed. This is due to the fact that, according to the cat, everything that the owner has is automatically the best, including his sleeping place.

How to wean a cat from sleeping in bed?

  • If you have not done this yet, then get a separate house or bed for your pet. Let him have his own place to sleep;
  • Make the cat’s sleeping place as warm as possible: for example, you can place it next to the battery, put more warm items in it or even a heating pad;
  • If you are sure that this will not affect your relationship with your pet in any way, you can try the old tried and tested method – isolation. It is necessary for two to three weeks not to let the cat into the bedroom at all;
  • You can scare the cat away from the bed, but here the element of surprise should work, not fear. For example, you can put something that your pet is afraid of on the bed.

Of course, it’s best not to let your cat sleep on the bed in the first place. After all, if you decide to reconsider her habits in adulthood, then it will be difficult for the animal to understand what has changed, because before it was possible to sleep on the bed.

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