Synulox para cães: instruções de uso, comentários

Synulox para cães: instruções de uso, comentários

Descrição da preparação

Synulox for dogs is presented in two forms: tablets and injection solution (suspension).

  • Tablet form. Pink tablets are packed in blister packs of 10. Each of them has an inscription (the name of the product) and a dividing strip. Available in three versions: 50, 250, 500 mg of the active ingredient.
  • Suspension for injections. It is a beige oily liquid. One vial may contain 40 or 100 ml of solution.

The active ingredients of the drug are amoxicillin and clavulanic acid. Their content in one tablet unit is 9:1, and in 1 ml of suspension 140 and 35 mg, respectively. In addition to them, the composition includes various auxiliary components, including flavoring compounds (in tablets). Thanks to the latter, the four-legged friend will swallow the medicine, unaware of its bitterness.

How Synulox works

Both active substances of Synulox for dogs have an antibacterial effect, but in the fight against infection, the championship still belongs to amoxicillin. It destroys the enzyme systems of bacteria, causing the breakdown of their cell wall, and as a result, the microorganisms die.

There are microbes that, when exposed to an antibacterial agent, secrete specific enzymes that destroy the drug in response. The second active component of Synulox, clavulanic acid, helps to prevent such a situation. It is under her protection that amoxicillin exerts its therapeutic effect.

This combination of properties of the active compounds of the drug ensures success in the fight against Escherichia coli, staphylococcus, salmonella infection and others.

In what forms is Synulox produced?

The amount of active ingredients in the antibiotic Synulox for dogs varies depending on the form of release of the drug and its volume. The medicine is produced in two versions: tablet form and suspension for injections.


Pink colour. On one side there is an engraving with the name of the drug on the surface, on the opposite side there is a dividing groove.

Liquid, oily, with a light brown tint.

The volume of one package

10 tablets of 50, 250 and 500 mg

40 e 100ml

Amount of amoxicillin

90% in 1 tab.

140 mg in 1 ml

The amount of clavulanic acid

10% in 1 tab.

35 mg in 1 ml

Among the auxiliary compounds in the composition of the drug can be found: yeast, cellulose, erythrosin, silicon, Mg stearate and Na glycolate. The presence of flavors in the medicine will make it pleasant for the dog and, accordingly, convenient for the owner.

What diseases are Synulox prescribed for?

The antibacterial drug Synulox is indicated for the treatment of dogs with many diseases of a bacterial nature. These can be lesions of the skin and mucous membranes, diseases of the genitourinary and respiratory systems, and the digestive tract. Among them, for example:

  • estomatite;
  • cistite;
  • amigdalite;
  • enterite;
  • abscesso;
  • pneumonia and so on.

Features of the use of medicine for dogs

Despite the versatility of the drug Sinulox, it should be taken only as directed by a veterinarian and in accordance with the instructions for use. In choosing the form of medication and dosage, the specialist focuses not only on the weight of the dog – other nuances are also taken into account:

  • era;
  • o estado do sistema imunológico;
  • patologias associadas;
  • the severity of the disease, etc.

If the drug is prescribed incorrectly, the pet’s condition may worsen.

The key to the effectiveness of any antibacterial agent lies in the continuity of the course of treatment. In no case should you skip the medication, stop the course ahead of time, replace one remedy with another without prior consultation with a specialist. Such actions will increase the resistance of the microorganism to the active ingredients, “plant” the immunity of a four-legged friend, and increase the risk of side effects. This also applies to the tablet form of Sinulox, and injection. In the case when, for some reason, the next dose of the medicine was missed, the next time the dose prescribed by the doctor is put, without resorting to doubling it.


Synulox para cães: instruções de uso, comentários

Synulox tablets

Synulox tablets are given to dogs twice a day. They can be taken with food or on an empty stomach. In the first case, there is a risk of a gag reflex, and in the second case, taking the medicine can adversely affect the condition of the stomach of the animal.

How to give a pill to a dog – each owner decides individually. The drug can be mixed into a small amount of food that the pet loves the most, placed in the oral cavity, and also use a tablet dispenser. If the tablet is mixed with food, then you need to make sure that it is completely eaten.

The amount of medication for one dose according to the instructions must first be calculated: 1 mg of medication is required per 12,5 kg of dog body weight. If the animal is very sick, with complications, the specialist may prescribe a large dosage, but not exceeding 25 mg / 1 kg. The duration of the course of treatment is also calculated individually, and can range from 1 to 2-4 weeks.


Synulox para cães: instruções de uso, comentários

Synulox in the form of a suspension

The duration of the course of injections of Sinulox is less – injections are given from 3 to 5 days. If the animal is in extremely serious condition, the specialist may prescribe a longer course. The frequency of injections per day is once.

Injections can only be given into the dog’s muscle or subcutaneously into the withers area; the agent is not suitable for intravenous infusion. The medicine is injected slowly so that bumps do not form. For the same purpose, after the injection, the injection site of the suspension is lightly massaged.

As with tablets, the dosage must first be calculated: 1 mg of Synulox is taken per 8,75 kg of the dog’s weight. Or: 1 ml of medication per 20 kg four-legged patient. In order not to make a mistake with the dose of the drug, you can use an insulin syringe. Before you collect the suspension, you need to shake it up a little.

Attention: the syringe and needle must be dry! Clavulanic acid, mixing with water molecules, loses its properties.

What to choose: pills or injections

It is impossible to answer this question unequivocally, since the choice of the form of the drug depends on the condition of the dog. If the disease proceeds in mild or moderate severity, and the gastrointestinal tract allows you to take a tablet form, then it is quite possible to take Sinulox tablets. If the pet is hard to tolerate the infection, the disease is accompanied by complications, the pills lead to vomiting and are not absorbed, injections will be the best treatment option. The drug, introduced into the muscle or connective tissue, is immediately absorbed into the bloodstream and leads to a rapid therapeutic effect.

Contra-indicações e efeitos colaterais

Synulox is well tolerated by dogs and has virtually no contraindications. The drug is not given to animals that are allergic to antibacterial agents or individual components of the drug. You should not take Sinulox even if the pet is undergoing bacteriostatic therapy.

Among the rare adverse reactions are skin manifestations (rashes, itching), problems with defecation (constipation or diarrhea), increased sensitivity of mucous membranes in the form of edema, lacrimation. Most often, such effects occur with an incorrectly selected dosage of Synulox. If they appear, this should be reported to the veterinarian.

Why Synulox is better than other means

Synulox para cães: instruções de uso, comentários

What does a Synulox tablet look like?

Judging by the reviews on the network, Sinulox is in the forefront when choosing an antibacterial drug. Such a high rating is based on the positive qualities of the drug.

  • Efficiency. Many users note a noticeable improvement in the condition of the dog after just a few doses of the drug. In addition, Synulox is equally effective both in the acute form of the disease and in its chronic course or complications.
  • Works on many strains of bacteria, both gram-positive and gram-negative.
  • Preserves the immunity of the pet, having a negative effect only on pathogenic microorganisms (if the conditions of the instructions for use are met).
  • It has a minimum number of contraindications. There are no age or health restrictions.
  • Adverse reactions occur very rarely, mainly due to non-compliance with the instructions.
  • If necessary, one form of the drug can be replaced by another. For example, if the dog’s stomach does not accept tablets, injections can be used instead.
  • Synulox injections are easy to put: the injection liquid is already ready for use.

Can it be given with other drugs

Synulox is not given to dogs that are being treated with bacteriostatic agents such as levomycetin. It is allowed to take the medicine simultaneously with vitamin-mineral complexes, immunostimulating drugs. In some cases, your veterinarian will recommend additional diuretics.


Other antibacterial drugs have a similar effect. So, Synulox analogues include:

  • Flamoklava;
  • Amoxiclav;
  • Medoclav.

It is possible to use amoxicillin without an additional active ingredient in its pure form, but due to its excessive bitterness, problems may arise during the treatment of a dog.

Cost of Synulox

The cost of the antibacterial drug for dogs Sinulox is in a wide range. The higher the content of the active ingredient, the higher the price of the drug. For example, for 10 tablets of 50 mg each, you need to pay about 200 rubles, and for 250 mg – about 400 rubles. A small (40 ml) bottle of Sinulox suspension for injection will cost about 1000 rubles, and a large one will cost twice as much.

When buying a suspension, you need to remember that the vial from which the medicine has already been taken can only be stored for 30 days. In addition, large volume tablets should not be purchased, as they are intended for large horned animals (cattle). For the treatment of a dog with an average and large body weight, Synulox 50 is quite suitable.

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