Alimentando filhotes a partir de 3 meses

Alimentando filhotes a partir de 3 meses

Proper feeding is the key to the normal development, health and good mood of the pet. So it is extremely important to feed the baby properly. What are the rules for feeding puppies from 3 months?

Feeding puppies from 3 months should be balanced, complete, regular.

Components of proper feeding of a puppy from 3 months:

  • Convenient bowl.
  • The desired frequency of feeding the puppy.
  • Proper portion size.
  • Food at room temperature.
  • Produtos de qualidade.

If you decide to feed your puppy with natural products from the age of 3 months, the basis of feeding should be meat (at least 70% of the diet). You can also add fermented milk products, eggs (boiled or raw yolk), boiled fish, vegetables, fruits and porridge.

Feeding a puppy from 3 months is carried out 5 times a day (the interval between feedings is approximately 4 hours).

The portion of food for a puppy from 3 months should not be too large or too small. If your baby leaves food in the bowl, cut back. If, on the contrary, he does not leave the empty bowl for a long time and continues to lick it, it is worth increasing the portion. As a rule, with natural feeding, a puppy from 3 months old eats a volume of food equal to 5% of its weight.

Feeding a puppy from 3 months can be both natural and dry food. Dry food should be of high quality (premium or super premium class), produced specifically for puppies. Also be guided by the size of the baby (food for puppies of small, medium and large breeds is different). To determine the amount of feed, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions on the packaging.

Remember that access to fresh clean water must be constant and unlimited.

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