Características de terriers de treinamento

Características de terriers de treinamento

Some consider terriers to be “untrainable”. This, of course, is complete nonsense, these dogs are perfectly trained. However, terrier training is really not like training a German Shepherd. What features of terrier training should be considered?

The most effective way to train terriers is through positive reinforcement. And training begins with the fact that we develop a desire in a dog to interact with a person, we develop motivation through various exercises and games.

If you are a supporter of violent training methods, then most likely you will encounter difficulties. The terrier will not work under duress. But they are very interested in the learning process itself, they are curious and easily learn new things, especially if this new one is presented in the form of a game and is generously rewarded.

In addition, it should be borne in mind that at the beginning of the training process, the terrier is not ready to repeat the same thing 5-7 times in a row. He will become bored, distracted and lose motivation. Change your exercises regularly. Endurance and the ability to concentrate are formed in the process of training, but do not rush into this.

A small puppy is, of course, easier to train than an adult dog, but positive reinforcement and the right games work wonders.

Getting started with terrier training may include:

  • Nickname training.
  • Exercises for contact with the owner (lapels, eye contact, search for the owner’s face, etc.)
  • Exercises to increase motivation, food and play (hunting for a piece and a toy, towing, racing, etc.)
  • Introduction to guidance.
  • Switching attention from toy to toy.
  • Teaching the “Give” command.
  • Getting to know the targets (for example, learning to touch your palm with your nose or put your front or back paws on the target). This skill will make learning many teams much easier in the future.
  • Sit command.
  • Stop command.
  • “Down” command.
  • Search team.
  • Exposure basics.
  • Simple tricks (for example, Yula, Spinning Top or Snake).
  • “Place” command.
  • Command “Come to me”.

If for some reason you are unable to train your terrier on your own, you can use our video courses on raising and training dogs with humane methods.

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