Medo da rua em um cachorro: sinais

Medo da rua em um cachorro: sinais

Now more and more often you can hear about the fear of the street in dogs. But how to determine that your pet is afraid to walk? What are the signs of street fear in a dog?

Fear of the street in dogs manifests itself in the same way as any other fear. Just related to walking. You can talk about it if you observe the following signs:

  • The dog does not want to go outside, tries to hide when you start going for a walk.
  • On the street, a pet pulls you home with all its might. He can hang on a leash and look intently towards the house.
  • The dog is breathing heavily.
  • The whites of the eyes are visible.
  • The dog is trembling.
  • A cauda é dobrada para dentro.
  • He looks around with a haunted look.
  • If you drag it a little further, it tries to pull it to walls, trees or ravines in order to hide somewhere.

However, remember that fear comes in waves, and a peak is always followed by a decline. It is in moments of recession that you can work with a dog.

At the same time, such a dog can communicate with relatives and even play. Therefore, sometimes it is tempting to let her off the leash. But in no case should this be done until you have completely worked out the fear of the street, since, most likely, at a completely bad moment, the fear will roll over again, and the dog will run away. And then it will be almost impossible to find it.

Fear of the street in a dog is not the norm. You need to work with him, using the reinforcement that is available (most often this is a movement towards the house). However, you need to work smart. Therefore, it is worth contacting a specialist who, firstly, uses humane methods, and secondly, does not recommend “feeding the dog only on the street to overcome fear.” Fear of the street is not cured by hunger!

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