Por que passear com cães pequenos?

Por que passear com cães pequenos?

A harmful, but still common myth is that small dogs do not need to walk, they put a diaper on – and the pet is happy. In the end, they say, we do not force him to endure through force.

If the owner is satisfied with this option, you can, of course, teach the dog to go to the toilet on a diaper. But this does not eliminate the need for walking! Small dogs have the same needs as large ones. Including the need to carry out species-typical behavior, study the world around and communicate with relatives.

Therefore, the duty of the owners is to provide them with 5 rights (5 freedoms) that any pet is entitled to count on. So walking for small dogs is just as necessary as for large ones. Moreover, the minimum need for a walk for any dog ​​(from Chihuahua to Irish Wolfhound) is 2 hours a day.

Lack of walks or insufficient walks is the cause of many problems, both physiological (such as obesity and other health problems) and psychological, including destructive behavior. And every additional 10 minutes of walking, according to research, reduces the likelihood of behavioral problems.

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