Por que o dono deve brincar com o cachorro?

Por que o dono deve brincar com o cachorro?

From time to time owners ask: “Why play with a dog? And what does a dog training game give? Indeed, why play with a dog and how does the game affect training?

This question relates to basic dog training, to the development of play motivation.

Por que o dono deve brincar com o cachorro?

  1. The game greatly improves the contact of the dog with the owner, increases trust in the person.
  2. The game can develop the dog’s perseverance, increase self-confidence, initiative.
  3. Games are different, and one or another game can be used even when correcting behavioral problems.
  4. Plus, we need the dog’s game motivation, because if we usually form a new skill with food, since food calms the nervous system, then we fix the skill and “disperse” the dog with the help of the game.


At the same time, the game is a controlled excitement. We cannot use for training, for example, a running cat. We cannot say to a cat, “Now stop! Now jump up the tree, please! Now turn left and wait for my dog ​​to calm down!”

The game excites the nervous system of the dog, and if we have taught the dog to listen and hear the owner and follow commands even during a real, intense, very fair game, when the dog’s excitement goes off scale, most likely, he will listen and hear you in other situations, for example , in games with other dogs, if she decided to run after a cat or if she raised a hare or a partridge in the field.

That is why the game is necessary in the training process.

Why play with a dog? And what gives the game in dog training? Watch the video!

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