Por que um cachorro cava o chão?
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Por que um cachorro cava o chão?

In fact, the desire of a dog to dig up the ground is not just another whim of a pet. This is a completely natural need, which is due to his natural instincts. Thus, the distant ancestors of pets, including decorative ones, escaped the heat, hid from other predators, bred offspring and got their own food. Why do dogs dig holes today?

Reasons for this behavior:

  1. The first reason why a dog digs holes in the yard is the hunting instinct. This is especially true for representatives of the breeds of the terrier group. The name itself is derived from the Latin word “terra” – “earth”. Terriers specialize in hunting burrowing animals: badgers, foxes, marmots and many others. The main method used by these dogs in their “professional” activities is digging. Therefore, the descendants of hunting dogs, even those whose working qualities are poorly developed, still sometimes like to “dig up” the game.

  2. Another common reason to dig in the ground is boredom. If the pet is not given enough time and attention, he begins to entertain himself. And here all improvised means come into play: the master’s shoes, and furniture, and such an interesting land. Dig up the roots of plants, tear out a piece of lawn and scatter it around – the real pleasure for a four-legged friend.

  3. Why does a dog dig in the ground on a hot day in summer? It’s simple: the pet is trying to cool off. It breaks the topsoil and lays on fresh cold ground.

  4. When your dog isn’t hungry and you’ve given him a treat, be prepared for a hole in the yard. The pet will probably decide to hide the bone for later. And sometimes also hide it – just like that, just in case.

  5. Pregnant dogs often dig holes in preparation for childbirth – this is also an ancient instinct.

If everything is more or less clear with digging in the yard, then the question still remains: why does the dog dig the bedding or the floor in the apartment?

Pay attention to the nature of “digging”. If the pet digs the bedding when it goes to bed, most likely instincts make themselves felt. This is how wolves and the wild ancestors of dogs crushed the grass before lying down on the ground.

Another thing is when a pet nervously digs a favorite place, suffers in an attempt to lie down, shifts from one side to the other. Most likely, the dog suffers from health problems: for example, this behavior occurs with arthritis.

O que devo procurar?

  1. Spend more time with your pet: walk with him, play and run. If the dog is sitting in an aviary or on a chain, be sure to let it out in the yard to stretch.

  2. In summer, make sure that the pet does not overheat. Make sure your dog has constant access to shade and cool water.

  3. If the pet just loves to dig holes, create your own corner in the yard for him. For example, you can pour sand or clay there. Bury your dog’s favorite ball and offer to find it; when she does, be sure to praise, give a treat. Play this way more often in the dog playground, use positive reinforcement.

  4. Do not forget about negative reinforcement: if you notice that your pet is digging a hole, scold him, but do not shout.

  5. If it was not possible to wean the dog from a bad habit on your own, seek the help of a professional dog handler. It will help you understand your pet.

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