Por que os gatos lambem as mãos?
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Por que os gatos lambem as mãos?

Many associate the licking of hands by cats with the manifestation of feelings: they say, this is how pets thank the owner and demonstrate tenderness and affection. Veterinarians assure that this is not always the case, since in such cases the animal first of all signals to the person about the problem that has arisen. 

For example, a cat shows that she is bored. She may begin to lick hands after a long separation from the owner: this is how she says that she needs communication. In this situation, a person needs to devote more time to his pet: play with her or just stroke and scratch.

Licking their hands, pets sometimes relieve stress. At the same time, even foreign objects can get under the cat’s tongue. Any little thing can bring animals out of emotional balance: for example, rearranging a tray or bowl. A depressed cat starts to lick everything. Close communication between the owner and the animal will help to get out of the situation: stroking and spending time together work better than any medicine. 

A cat licking hands can signal to its owner about its disease, experts say. So the animal is distracted from pain. If in the process the pet also chews hair, then this is a reason to contact the veterinarian as soon as possible, since the cat may have a false pregnancy, which in certain situations is extremely dangerous.

It may be that in such an extraordinary way the animal asks him to feed, experienced cat owners assure. According to them, often such requests are accompanied by trampling with their paws. Thus, the pet demonstrates an innate instinct when, in infancy, he kneaded his mother’s stomach in order to get more milk. 

Excessive licking of the hands can also signal that the cat has parasites. - fleas or worms. In this case, the animal asks the person for help. At the same time, experts say, pets show concern not only for their own health, but also for the health of the group in which they live. Therefore, they are trying with all their might to attract the attention of the “leader”.

Finally, some cats, on the contrary, by licking try to put themselves in the hierarchy of the pack above a person. Licking hands when the owner, according to the animal, is in the most unprotected position, - way of dominance.

Abril 13 2020

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