Quais cães são ruins para brinquedos barulhentos?

Quais cães são ruins para brinquedos barulhentos?

Many dogs love squeaky toys. And this is understandable: when the toy squeaks, it attracts the dog and triggers the hunting behavior. That is, a dog can play with such a toy more willingly than with a “silent” toy.

But sometimes they say that squeaky toys for dogs are harmful. Which dogs are bad for squeaky toys?

Vamos encarar.

There is an opinion that if a dog plays with a squeaky toy, it will “forget how” to respond to the squeak of its relatives and, for example, bite a puppy in the game. But this opinion, to put it mildly, is strange – after all, the dog distinguishes between a toy and a relative. Unless, of course, she has serious deviations, but in this case it’s definitely not a toy.

There are dogs that get overly excited by squeaky toys. In this case, too, do not deprive them of such games. It’s worth dosing them. But in this case, such toys can be used in the process of training to create controlled excitement, increase its “degree” and teach the dog to keep himself in his paws even in a situation of strong excitement.

It happens that dogs squeak with toys at night if these toys are given to them for free use. Of course, this is not pleasant for the owner. The way out is either to hide such toys for the night, replacing them with others, or turn off the squeaker (some toys provide this option).

There is also a risk that the dog will tear such a toy and swallow the squeaker. Here the solution is not to give such a toy for free use or carefully monitor its condition, constantly checking whether it is damaged. And if it is damaged, then either repair it or throw it away.

Squeaky toys are not harmful in and of themselves to any dog. It is important to use them correctly and keep the dog safe. However, this applies to any objects with which the dog interacts.

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