Do que um cachorro pode ter medo?
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Do que um cachorro pode ter medo?

Owners should not ignore the puppy’s fears, so as not to get an adult dog that panics from thunder, fireworks or the banal buzz of a vacuum cleaner. So what can your puppy be afraid of and how to overcome this fear?

Do que um cachorro pode ter medo?

Types of fears

Little puppies are afraid of loud noises and new objects. This does not mean that the dog has mental problems, although, unfortunately, this also happens. In most cases, this only means that the puppy has not yet encountered such irritants.

One of the phobias in kids can be the fear of public transport and new sites. As early as possible, start walking near stops and driving. Try to affectionately and consistently show your puppy all the diversity of the city.

Do que um cachorro pode ter medo?

Another fear may be the fear of water. Teach the puppy to swim gradually, do not throw him into the water to a depth. Yes, he will most likely swim out on instinct, but it is unlikely that in the future he will want to keep you company during swims in a river or lake.

The puppy may be afraid of other animals. Calmly introduce him to those fellows with whom he is safe to associate, and train him to avoid unwanted strangers.

Como ajudar?

So, the cup fell and broke, and your baby runs from all paws to seek protection. Do not be nervous! And never scold the dog. It is best to sit next to the puppy, show him the fragments, calmly and gently persuading him not to be afraid. And then once again rumble something, stroking the pet. Your task is to show the baby that absolutely nothing terrible happened. Encourage the puppy if, on half-bent legs, he nevertheless decides to approach a terrible object and sniff it. Let it be on the third or fifth attempt, but curiosity will prevail, and your baby will want to get acquainted with the fragments that frightened him.

In no case do not try to scare the puppy with what he was already afraid of! Even if you think it’s a funny joke. This way you can permanently reinforce the fear and lose the dog’s trust.

It is also necessary to be patient and attentive to other phobias that arise in a puppy. For example, it is worth accustoming a puppy to loud fireworks in advance, without waiting for bright fireworks to explode above you during an evening walk on New Year’s holidays. It is best to record the fireworks on a voice recorder and turn on the recording while walking with the baby. While playing and rewarding with treats, accustom him to new sounds, including first at the minimum volume, and then gradually adding it.

Do que um cachorro pode ter medo?

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