O cachorro deve…

O cachorro deve…

Some owners, when purchasing a puppy or an adult dog, expect that it will match the image that they imagined in their dreams of a four-legged friend. The trouble is that the dog knows nothing about these expectations…


What should a dog be able to do?

Owners sometimes expect from a pet that it will:

  1. Run at the first call.
  2. Obey without treats and toys, just out of love for the owner.
  3. Stay alone at home for the whole day. 
  4. Don’t spoil things.
  5. Don’t bark or whine.
  6. Friendly and brave.
  7. Execute any command in any situation. 
  8. Give the owner any delicacy and toy.
  9. Babysitter and toys for children. 
  10. Walk around without pulling on the leash. 
  11. Do toilet chores only outside.
  12. Do not sleep on the bed (sofa, armchair …)
  13. Calmly relate to combing, washing, cutting claws and other procedures.
  14. Não implore.
  15. Don’t jump on people.
  16. And in general be a model of obedience and good breeding.

Undoubtedly, all these are qualities and skills that make the dog very comfortable for living together. However, the problem is that none of these wonderful skills and characteristics are built into the dog by default.

O que fazer?

Nothing is impossible, and all these wonderful qualities can appear in a dog. On one condition. No, with two

  1. If the owner provides the pet with normal living conditions.
  2. If the owner teaches a four-legged friend all these tricks.

Dogs love to learn, and each of them is designed to cooperate with a person and live up to his expectations. Therefore, if the owner does everything to prevent misbehavior, or at least competently corrects mistakes, and also encourages correct behavior, most dogs become exactly what you want them to be. Of course, if the dog is healthy and physically capable of what you expect from him.

So it’s not a “dog must”. It is the owner who must show responsibility, be patient and give the four-legged friend enough time. And the dog will catch up!

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