Descanse no mar com um cachorro

Descanse no mar com um cachorro

You have decided to go on vacation by the sea, and at the same time you want to take your pet with you. What to consider when going on vacation at sea with a dog, and how to organize a vacation with maximum comfort?

Where to live, going to rest on the sea with a dog?

There are several options for accommodation on vacation at sea with a dog.

  1. Hotels or rental housing. When booking a place, you should warn that you are with a dog, as well as clarify its breed and size. Find out who owns the beach and who will be your neighbors. Discuss the rules for staying at the hotel or rental property. For example, in some guest houses, dogs are only allowed to be kept in enclosures, and not in the house.
  2. Special events for dog owners. It could be a sports camp or vacation with the dog, plus training for the owner and training for the dog.
  3. “Savage”. You can stay, for example, in a tent. This comes with less comfort but gives you and the dog more freedom. However, it is still worth clarifying which beaches are nearby and how things are with dog access to the beaches.

How to get to a place of rest on the sea with a dog?

Several options are also possible here.

  1. Train. This option has a number of limitations, since not every train will be allowed with a dog. Plus, if the dog is big, you’ll have to buy the coupe in full. In addition, there may be few stops, and there may not be enough time for the dog to go to the toilet.
  2. Airplane. This is the fastest way to travel, but most often the dog has to fly in the luggage compartment. This creates a number of difficulties: you have to buy a box, the dog will be separate, plus it is associated with stress for both the pet and you. Be sure to check the rules for transporting dogs with a particular airline, as the requirements for documents, boxes, etc. differ from company to company.
  3. Own car. Obvious pluses: the ability to plan travel time, route, walking. In addition, you are not surrounded by strangers, and the pet is always there. The downside is that long journeys are always tiring for both dogs and people.

A água do mar faz mal aos cães?

This question worries many owners. Sea water does not harm dogs and may even be beneficial. Unless, of course, the dog does not drink it.

Never let your pet drink salt water! Remember to take an adequate supply of drinking water with you.

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