Massagem relaxante para cães

Massagem relaxante para cães

Massage is a great way to help your dog relax. Relaxing massage also improves blood circulation and generally has a beneficial effect on the well-being of the dog. It’s especially helpful for excitable, anxious dogs, but any pet will appreciate a relaxing massage. How to give a relaxing massage to a dog?

How to give a relaxing massage to your dog

Better for the dog to lie down. The fingers do not spread out during the massage and remain straight. The degree of pressure depends on the individual characteristics of your dog. It’s always best to start with a lighter pressure, and if necessary, then increase the amount of pressure. Hands move slowly.

First, you lightly stroke the pet all over the body, moving in the direction of hair growth (from the neck to the tail). This helps the dog to relax, prepares for subsequent touches and strengthens the bond with the owner.

Then you run your palm along the ribs, from the back to the stomach. The palm should be open. You can make light circular movements in the intercostal space of the dog.

After that, you massage the dog’s shoulders. And gently stretch the front paws (one hand remains at the shoulder, the second passes along the paw to the wrist). The fingers of the dog are massaged in circular motions. Gently bend and unbend the paw.

Straighten your hind leg (but don’t pull).

Massage the chest in circular motions (both palms).

Gently massage the area around the dog’s ears. The thumbs are inside the dog’s ear, the rest are outside. Then, with gentle movements, pull the dog’s ear – from the base to the tip.

Massage the base of the dog’s neck and stretch it a little, but it is important not to pull the pet “by the scruff”.

The tail is a continuation of the dog’s spine, so you should not forget about it. Take the ponytail in your hand and gently stroke it from the base to the tip several times. It is important that when one hand approaches the tip, the other is on the base – and then they change.

Your emotional state is very important. You yourself must be relaxed, breathe measuredly. You can talk to the dog, but in a quiet, calm voice.

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