Treinamento do filhote de cachorro 2 meses

Treinamento do filhote de cachorro 2 meses

At 2 months, puppies most often get from the breeder to the owners. And so can not wait to start training. How to organize the training of a 2-month-old puppy? Where to begin?

Puppy training 2 months: where to start?

To answer the question of where to start training a puppy for 2 months, you need to remember that training is not just teaching commands, but also the formation of the ability to understand a person, distinguish right from wrong and form attachment.

Therefore, the training of a 2-month-old puppy begins with the training of the owner.

It is at 2 months that the puppy’s play behavior is formed, which means that games need to be developed so as not to encounter difficulties in the future. After all, all learning is built in the game!

What does training a puppy for 2 months include?

Training a 2 month old puppy may include the following skills:

  • Nickname introduction.
  • Team “Dai”.
  • Switching from toy to toy, from toy to food and vice versa.
  • Touching the paw and nose to the targets.
  • Complex (“Sit – Stand – Lie” in various combinations).
  • Start learning endurance.
  • The simplest tricks.
  • Lembrar.
  • “A place”.

If you are unsure of your ability to train a 2 month old puppy, you can contact a professional (it is important that he works with positive reinforcement) or use our video courses on training and raising dogs in a humane way.

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