Cachorro morde as pernas

Cachorro morde as pernas

Many owners complain that a small puppy bites their legs. And since the baby’s teeth are quite sharp, this is, to put it mildly, unpleasant. Why does a puppy bite its legs and how to wean it?

Why does a puppy bite its feet?

First of all, you need to remember that puppies learn the world largely with the help of their teeth. Teeth replace babies’ hands. And they still do not know how hard they can clench their jaws so as not to cause pain. That is, they bite not out of anger, but simply because they explore the world (and you) and do not know that it is unpleasant for you.

If at such moments you scream, squeak, run away, then biting your legs turns into a gambling game. And the behavior is reinforced, manifesting itself more and more often. After all, you become such a funny toy!

Another reason may lie in the puppy’s well-being. If he is bored, he will look for entertainment. And such entertainment may well be your legs.

How to stop a puppy from biting its feet?

  1. The puppy can be distracted. For example, for a toy. But it’s important to do this BEFORE he grabs your ankle. Because otherwise a behavioral chain may form: “I bite – the owners give a toy.” And the behavior is fixed. Therefore, if you choose this method, then distract the baby when you see that he has aimed at the leg, but has not yet made a throw, much less bite.
  2. You can use something like thick cardboard or a tennis racket as a shield to block your legs and keep your puppy away if you see him ready to bite you.
  3. Try not to join the game, that is, to portray prey and not run away with a squeak.
  4. But most importantly, without which the first three points will not work: create an enriched environment for the puppy and a normal level of well-being. If he has enough suitable toys, you will give him time to study and play, he will be less motivated to hunt your legs. 

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