Exposições de cães populares na Rússia
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Exposições de cães populares na Rússia

A dog show is not only an entertaining event, although, of course, a show is one of the key elements of any such event. Its main function is zootechnical. At the exhibitions, the livestock of pedigreed dogs is examined and their compliance with the standards is assessed – as a result, the best individuals are determined.

Why are exhibitions needed?

  1. Such events allow the owner to evaluate the genetics of the dog, to find out its advantages and disadvantages;

  2. This is an opportunity to find a suitable pair for breeding;

  3. For breeders, the exhibition is one of the advertising channels among the professional community.

At dog shows, there is almost always a holiday atmosphere. It is understandable: breeders and owners are carefully preparing for this event, because their pets must look impressive.

Preparation for the event begins long before it: the dogs are taken to the groomer or put in order on their own. They are bathed, cut, combed and treated with their claws and teeth – in a word, they do everything to show the pet in the best shape.

What are the exhibitions?

All exhibitions can be divided into two large classes: all-breed, in which several breeds participate, and monobreed, where dogs of one breed are represented.

Activities are divided into several categories. The higher the rank of the show, the higher the title the dog can get.

International shows of several breeds

This is the highest class of events. In our country, one of the most famous is the exhibition “Russia”, which is held every autumn in Moscow. It is organized by the Russian Cynological Federation (RKF) under the auspices of the FCI – International Cynological Federation. Sometimes several monobreed events are also held within the framework of this exhibition.

The largest dog show in Russia – “Eurasia” – is also international. In 2018, more than 10 thousand dogs of 300 breeds from 27 countries were registered as participants. By the way, within the framework of “Eurasia” competitions are also held in various dog sports – for example, dancing.

In 2018, Sochi hosted the international Sochi Dog Show for the first time. It united more than two thousand dogs from Russia and other countries. Sochi Dog Show is also held by the RKF.

Another popular cynological event is the Golden Collar dog show. It takes place in Moscow in winter. At this show, the best male and the best female are chosen, and the results of the year are summed up.

All-Russian and regional all-breed exhibitions

At regional and national exhibitions, winners of the CAC class (national level) are determined. The only difference is that at all-Russian events this title is awarded to winners of all classes, and at regional events only the best of their kind are awarded.

Events of this level are held under the auspices of the RKF in almost every region of Russia. A detailed schedule of dog shows can be found at cynological federation website in the section “Exhibitions and competitions”.

Single breed shows

Such exhibitions come in three ranks: National Club Champion, National Club Winner and National Club Champion Candidate. They can be organized by clubs under the auspices of the RKF. The schedule of monobreed shows can also be found on the website of the Cynological Federation of Russia.

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