Como desmamar um cachorro para marcar?
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Como desmamar um cachorro para marcar?

  • Quem é o chefe nesta casa

    6 months is not a random age. The puppy ceases to be a puppy and begins to try his hand, trying to win a leading place in the pack. The human family in his understanding is the same flock. Therefore, attempts to mark things in the apartment (and the dog may try to get as high as possible) is a demonstration of its own superiority. You can compare it with hanging signs in the corners with the inscription: “Private property”.

    O que fazer

    The task of the owner is to show that he is in charge. There is, for example, a very simple way: the dog must be torn off the ground. Losing control, she understands that you are stronger, which means that it is better to obey and not fight.

  • Annoying factors

    If you keep several dogs and one of them goes into heat, chances are high that the second dog will start actively marking the territory. It is also possible that such a situation could arise if someone else’s dog was brought to visit you: your pet considers it necessary to show who is in charge here.

    O que fazer

    Eliminate irritants, thoroughly clean the area and give the dog time to recover.

  • old smell

    If somehow your house has been marked by another dog, rest assured that your dog will try to kill the old smell, despite all your prohibitions and punishments.

    O que fazer

    Get rid of these things if possible. If this is not possible, use special cleaning products that eliminate such specific odors.

  • Estresse

    The dog was brought to a new place, a small child or another animal appeared in the house – there can be many situations in which the animal experiences uncontrollable stress. And you can’t foresee everything.

    O que fazer

    Analyze all possible factors and try to eliminate them. It may be useful to give the dog a special sedative after consulting a veterinarian, spend more time with her and be in closer contact: play, communicate, caress. A calm animal does not tend to mark territory.

  • Poor learning

    If for some reason the dog is still not accustomed to the street and cannot stand it, then the owner has something to think about.

    O que fazer

    Resume dog activities as soon as possible. Consult with a cynologist, sign up for courses. But in any case, do not let things take their course.

    You can punish a dog, but only if you caught it in the act. If you found the mark after the fact, then the use of force and screams are already meaningless.

  • Doença

    Before scolding a dog and taking it out on him, make sure that the animal is completely healthy. Sometimes the cause of leaving marks can be serious kidney disease, problems with urination. Older dogs are especially prone to this.

    O que fazer

    The ideal option is to regularly show the dog to the doctor. Be attentive to your pet. Pay attention to the frequency of urination, whether there is a strong smell, whether the urine is concentrated. The dog, unfortunately, cannot say that it hurts, but always demonstrates with its behavior when something is wrong.

    There is an opinion that castration and sterilization avoid leaving marks by a dog. In reality, these methods do not always work. Therefore, before resorting to such drastic measures, consult with a veterinarian and dog handler. An important point to consider: if the dog has already begun to mark the territory, castration or sterilization will no longer help – the owner will still have to raise his pet.

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