Como treinar um cachorro com um adestrador de cães

Como treinar um cachorro com um adestrador de cães

Training a puppy is a very interesting activity, but at the same time it is not easy, especially for a beginner. And owners sometimes find it difficult to figure out how to properly train a dog. Therefore, sometimes it is very useful to seek help from a cynologist. How to train a puppy with a cynologist?


How to train a puppy with a dog handler?

Sometimes the owners expect the dog handler to correct the behavior of the puppy or teach him commands, while the owner himself will stand aside at this time. And get an obedient dog. But in reality, things are quite different. Training a puppy with a cynologist involves, first of all, teaching the owner how to interact with the pet.

To train a puppy with a dog handler effectively, you need to choose the right dog handler. Only by choosing the right specialist, you will keep the puppy’s psyche healthy, will not instill in him an aversion to classes and will not regret the time and money spent.

It is also important to tell the dog handler about your expectations from training and about the desired result during the first communication. What exactly do you want from a dog? Is domestic obedience enough for you? Or maybe you are interested in playing sports, tricks or other kind of special training? It is better to stipulate everything in advance to avoid disappointment.

Is it worth listening to all the advice of a dog handler on training puppies?

Even if you are training with a dog handler, feel free to ask questions and find out why he advises one or the other. After all, it’s your dog and you have to live with it.

Learn for yourself, study information about the behavior and language of dogs, watch your pet. So you will learn to understand the dog, see if he understands you and what he wants to tell you, therefore, you will be able to filter the dog handler’s advice on training your puppy and understand if you are dealing with the specialist that suits you. Or maybe you should look for another cynologist?

Unfortunately, there are still many dog ​​handlers who practice violent methods of training puppies and give out advice like “pull the leash harder”, “don’t feed him for a couple of days”, etc. It is high time for these “specialists” to go to the dustbin of history. And if you are a competent owner, then you will certainly refuse the advice of such a “professional”.

Dog training with accommodation at the cynologist

The service of training dogs with accommodation at the cynologist is gaining more and more popularity. Owners who do not want to spend time and effort on training a puppy prefer to give the pet to a cynologist, and then get an already trained pet, corrected, so to speak, with a ready-made set of buttons.

But a dog is not a computer that a specialist can set up and give to the user. A dog is a living being that forms attachments and is able to distinguish between people. So, with each person she has a unique relationship.

Maybe the puppy will learn to obey … the cynologist. But it is not at all a fact that he will obey you at the same time. In addition, you risk destroying the attachment that you have already formed with your pet.

In addition, you cannot control the actions of the dog handler and you will not know what methods of training the puppy he uses. So, you endanger the physical and psychological well-being of the dog.

The only way to get a dog that is obedient and motivated to cooperate is to train the puppy yourself, including with the help of a competent dog handler. With help – and not by entrusting this task to him. But if you do not learn how to interact with the dog and train it, you should not expect obedience from the pet. And no dog handler will help you in this case.

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