Como treinar um cachorro fora

Como treinar um cachorro fora

You’ve started training your puppy and now he’s doing great at home. But I would like the baby to be just as obedient on the street. However, for some reason, on the street, the puppy stops obeying … What should I do? How to train a puppy on the street?

To properly train a puppy on the street, you must adhere to the same principles as when training a puppy at home. But, of course, adjusted for more complex conditions.

For the first lessons with a puppy on the street, you need to choose a calm place familiar to the pet, where no one will disturb you, and the baby will not be distracted by other dogs, people, vehicles, cats, etc. It is important that it is easy for the puppy to concentrate on you and follow your commands.

As soon as you work out the learned commands in a quiet place, you can increase the difficulty. That is, move to another place and / or add irritants (for example, the presence of an assistant – another person).

But remember that when you increase the challenge of outdoor puppy training, you lower the requirements first. That is, if the baby has already performed an excerpt on the “Sit” command in a familiar place for 30 seconds, in a new place, you will probably need to reduce this time to literally a couple of seconds. Gradually, the requirements increase.

The requirements for executing a command (for example, increasing the dwell time) and the complexity of its execution conditions (for example, the number of stimuli) never increase together! There is a time for everything, training a dog on the street should go in stages.

And remember that dogs don’t generalize well. Therefore, when training a dog on the street, it is important to practice in different places.

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