Como começar a criar um cachorro

Como começar a criar um cachorro

Many owners, especially inexperienced ones, are tormented by the question of raising a puppy: where to start? So where do you start raising a puppy?

Raising a puppy: where to start

Raising a puppy is teaching him the rules of living together, and training is learning commands. A dog may not know commands, but at the same time be well-mannered – and vice versa. This is the difference between education and training. So raising a puppy includes the ability to understand a person, distinguish between praise and blame, respond to body language and words, formed affection.

So the logical conclusion is that the right way to start raising a puppy is to educate (rather, self-educate) the owner. It is necessary to read books on zoopsychology and ethology, watch training videos. However, it is important to choose competent professionals working on positive reinforcement.

The beginning of raising a puppy: when and how

The beginning of raising a puppy coincides with the moment when he entered your family. This does not mean that you need to drill your pet – not at all. The necessary skills can be taught to the dog in the game, on positive reinforcement.

When asked how to start raising a puppy, the answer is this. In addition to educating yourself, you can begin to introduce your puppy to the daily routine and rules of behavior in your home. How to play correctly. How to behave when the rest of the family is having dinner. Cleanliness training. Love for your place. All these are necessary, very important skills that you can start to develop from the first day.

If you are not sure that you will be able to ensure the right start in raising a puppy, you can always turn to a competent professional. Or use video courses on raising and training a puppy with humane methods.

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