Como colocar orelhas em um filhote de Yorkie?
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Como colocar orelhas em um filhote de Yorkie?

Como colocar orelhas em um filhote de Yorkie?

There is no specific age when this procedure must be performed. The owner should just watch when the ears begin to rise on their own, and help them a little. They can stop hanging both at 10 weeks and at six months, so all options are considered a normal development of events.

There are several reasons why a Yorkie’s ears may not be in the correct position:

  1. genetic defect. In this case, putting the ears of a Yorkie at home will not work, only surgery will help. But the owner must remember that this will only bring harm to the dog, and it is forbidden for such animals to participate in the exhibition. So it’s best to let the puppy be who he is.

  2. The teeth are changing. If at the same time there is a strengthening of cartilage in the ears and the growth of new teeth, then the body simply does not have enough calcium. Vitamins should be added to the terrier’s diet and help with the setting of the ears.

  3. Violation of blood circulation and the structure of cartilage tissue. In this case, self-intervention is prohibited, you need to consult a veterinarian and follow all his recommendations.

  4. Long wool. The cause of incorrectly raised ears can be banal: heavy hair on the tips knocks them back, preventing them from taking the correct position.

So you should not make hasty decisions, you need to take into account all the circumstances and consult with an experienced veterinarian.

Help Methods

First of all, you need to buy a special machine for cutting dogs and cut off the upper half of the ears. This will make them easier, which will help the correct setting of the ears, as well as simplify the process itself. In no case should you use a human clipper – it scares the puppy with vibration and buzzing. Technique designed for animals helps the pet get used to constant procedures.

The methods are further divided:

  1. Rolling into a tube. The ears are folded, wrapped with adhesive tape or plaster and connected to each other so that they stick out vertically. This is an outdated method, which is now trying not to be used. This has been proven to spoil the shape of the ears, impair blood circulation and harm the health of the puppy.

  2. Double folding. This is a more gentle way, which is performed in the same way as the previous one. The fixed ears should be in this position for a week. The method is used when a threat to the bending of the auricle is visible, in other cases it is better not to use it.

  3. Colagem You can simply glue the tips of the ears so that the auricles look forward. This is the simplest and most gentle way, which is used just for a little help in an already normal process.

  4. Quadro, Armação. From a medical plaster, a special adhesive tape or even construction tape, pads are made on the outer and inner sides of the ear, which are then attached using the same material. Such a frame is designed to keep the ears in the desired bend, shape and position. The ears are connected together with strips of adhesive tape so that they stick out vertically.

In all methods, the intervention should last about a week. Every day you need to give the dog a light massage of the ears to stimulate blood circulation. During this period, veterinarians recommend carefully monitoring the health of the Yorkshire Terrier, strengthening its nutrition with additional vitamins. If you do not understand how to put the ears on a Yorkie puppy, it is best to contact an experienced breeder or veterinarian for advice.

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