Como colocar um arnês em um cachorro?
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Como colocar um arnês em um cachorro?

Today, such a dog accessory as a harness has gained great popularity among the owners of four-legged friends. And not in vain, because the dog feels much more comfortable in it: unlike the collar, it does not give the pet any discomfort if the leash is pulled sharply. However, there is a downside: getting used to the harness, the dog will hardly wear a collar if the need arises. This should be considered before you accustom your pet to a new accessory.

Types of harnesses

Harnesses are different, and choosing the right one, you need to take into account the lifestyle, character traits and needs of the pet:

  1. Caminhando. Classic walking harnesses are designed for daily use. They differ in size and type of construction. Made from soft materials such as leather or nylon.
  2. Medical harness.It is a vest that is designed for pets with injuries. Its design allows you to correctly distribute the load when the dog moves.
  3. Sports harnesses. Designed for dogs participating in sports or running in harness. This type of harness has a special structure and is made of durable materials.
  4. Cargo straps. They are used in preparing the dog for competitions. To such a harness, you can attach a weight of any size to train the endurance and strength of the animal.

Como escolher um arnês?

The comfort of the dog while wearing the harness is due to the right choice of accessory. To determine the size, you need to know the weight of the pet, the volume of the chest, the length of the back – the distance from the withers to the tail, as well as the volume of the dog’s neck.

When choosing a harness, special attention should be paid to the materials from which the product is made, fit and fastenings. The latter should not squeeze or dig into the pet’s skin.

In addition, the best option for attaching the harness to the leash is the lock on the back. It is this structure that does not cause pain to the pet: it does not squeeze the trachea, as is the case with the lock in front, and does not suffocate the pet, like the lock on the neck.

The materials of the harness must be wear-resistant. With daily wear and active games, the dog can tear the accessory or stain it. In addition, the harness should not be too tight. It is better to give preference to soft and pleasant to the touch materials.

How to put on a walking harness on a pet?

As a rule, with putting on sports and medical harnesses, problems do not arise as often as with the most ordinary, walking harness. It is not always possible for the owner to immediately understand how this design should be put on and fixed on the pet. It would be nice to prepare a treat in advance: it can come in handy if you are putting a harness on a dog for the first time. You can also use treats to distract your pet and then praise him for his good behavior.

The harness is put on the dog in a few steps:

  1. Place the animal (it will not be possible to put on a harness in a lying position). If the dog is not standing straight, fix it between the legs;
  2. Insert your pet’s head into the ring-shaped hole in the harness;
  3. Insert the right paw of the pet into the loop of the harness designed for the thoracic region;
  4. Fasten the clasp that forms the second annular hole on the pet’s back;
  5. Attach the leash to the carabiner of the harness.

When to accustom to harness?

Today in pet stores you can find special models of harnesses even for small puppies, these harnesses are distinguished by soft materials and a special design. But the opinions of experts about at what age to accustom a dog to a harness vary. Some talk about the advantages of a harness over a collar for puppies, others disagree, as it can affect the development of the animal’s shoulder joints. The question of whether to teach a puppy to a harness is better to ask your veterinarian or the breeder of the club where the dog was purchased. Of particular importance is the breed of the pet, and these specialists will help you make the right decision.

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