Como punir um cachorro?

Como punir um cachorro?

The question of punishment for unwanted behavior is, unfortunately, the most frequent among owners in the first days of a puppy in the house. Let’s try to figure it out together using simple examples, and then we will draw conclusions together so that no one else has any questions about how to properly punish a puppy for disobedience.

Exemplo 1. 

Puppy gnaws slippers. As a rule, many of us intuitively begin to shout “Fu”

Will it work? Perhaps several times the puppy will respond to intonation or a loud voice. But for any puppy, the word “Fu” means nothing. You might as well shout “Potato” or “Carrot” out loud. 

The prohibiting command will not solve anything, it may stop the unwanted action at the moment, it may not. 

But after the puppy stops chewing on your shoes for a second, he can calmly continue again with a clear conscience. 

Solução – remove all objects dear to the heart from access for the time the puppy grows up, hide slippers, remove carpets, valuable items and, of course, potentially dangerous ones. 

The most important rule in raising a puppy is not to let undesirable behavior show up. There is no slipper, so no one will gnaw it. You can also use the effective method “Rope” 

Gradually, the puppy will get used to the rules of your house and grow up, and then you will return all things and objects to their place.

Do not forget that the puppy must have legal and approved toys in order to satisfy the need while teething and everything wants to be tasted. 

Exemplo 2. 

The puppy bites painfully, how to punish, the bites are painful. 

All puppies bite, if the puppy does not bite, then he is sick or it is not a puppy at all. This is natural behavior. As a rule, by 5 months it fades away, but for now your task is to teach the baby to bite without pain. But in no case should bites be prohibited. You just need to give feedback. 

Exemplo 3. 

How to punish a puppy for a puddle at home? 

No way, because he is small and cannot stand physiologically, he will grow up, he will be able to. 

In the meantime, calmly clean the floor with an odor-decomposing agent, cover the maximum surface with diapers, praise and encourage for each successful time, call the action a word in the moment (for example, “Toilet”) and gradually reduce the number of diapers on the floor. 

In no case do not scold for mistakes, always praise for the diaper, be patient and remember that you have a dog child in your family. After all, no one has the thought of scolding a human child for taking off the diaper, and he wrote. 

Everything has its time. It’s just a growing up phase. On average, puppies learn housekeeping by 7 months. And if you punish a puppy for poop in the wrong place, he may start eating them to cover his tracks. You definitely don’t need this. 

Exemplo 4. 

How to punish a puppy if he bites and jumps on a child? 

Absolutely not. Everything that runs away and makes sounds is a target for the puppy to pursue. 

If the child is older, explain to him the rules of interaction, if the child is small, teach the puppy to be calm at the sight of the child, reward for the correct behavior, use the leash, gently fixing the clicks. And as soon as he stops trying to bite or catch up with the child, encourage and release the rhinestone. 

Any punishment for “wrong” behavior of a puppy with your child can lead to dangerous consequences. After all, what happens in the understanding of the puppy? Here is a child, when he is around, they punish me, which means that he is the source of my troubles, isn’t it time to “put him in his place” and tear, for example, or even bite. 

There are dozens of such examples, and in each of them there will be no place for punishment, it does not teach anything, does not correct behavior, and most importantly, destroys trust and contact. In each specific situation, it is important to teach the puppy how to behave.

Do not whine and beg for food, but sit quietly and wait in your place, and in the end you will receive a reward for calmness. 

Do not gnaw on the wire, because access to it is closed, do not write on the carpet, because there are no carpets in the house yet, but only slippery rubber mats that are safe for a growing baby …

Do not confuse punishments and rules of life in your particular family. The rules must be gently taught and adhered to from always, then punishments will simply not be needed. 

Dogs always do what is beneficial to them and in any situation behave as best they can. 

If you still have questions and situations in which you can’t help but punish :), write in the comments, we’ll figure it out together. 

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