Como formar um apego seguro ao cão

Como formar um apego seguro ao cão

Secure attachment is one of the components of a happy life for a dog. We all want our pets to be happy. How do you develop a secure dog attachment?

What is secure attachment

Safe or secure attachment does not mean at all that the dog follows the owner everywhere like a shadow, and in his absence does not sleep or eat. Quite the opposite. In tests of attachment, dogs with a secure attachment type calmly perceived the presence of an outsider in the room. They were worried when the owner left, but when he returned they greeted him joyfully and quickly calmed down.

Dogs with a secure attachment type are more independent, inquisitive, sociable, motivated to cooperate and learn better.

A secure attachment is formed if the owner-dog relationship is warm, responsive, and affectionate.

Como formar um apego seguro ao cão

  1. Provide basic dog welfare: 5 freedoms. Because in abnormal conditions, even a normal dog behaves abnormally.
  2. The owner must be predictable, and his requirements – clear, understandable and feasible for the dog. And before you demand something, the dog must be taught this.
  3. The environment must meet the optimal level of predictability and variety for the dog. Both boredom and chaos are equally harmful and cause distress (“bad” stress) in a four-legged friend, which means they become sources of problems.
  4. Training should be based on the principle of positive reinforcement, without the use of inhumane ammunition.

If it seems to you that you are doing everything right, but a secure attachment has not formed, you can seek help from a specialist (in person or online). And think together how to make life, yours and your dog’s, happier.

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