Como escolher uma roleta de trela?
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Como escolher uma roleta de trela?

Not very experienced dog owners, when choosing a leash, are guided by its design. However, this approach is fundamentally wrong: an incorrectly selected leash can cause a lot of problems not only for the dog, but also for its owner. How not to make a mistake in choosing?

Roulette Benefits

The retractable leash was invented in Germany decades ago. Due to its convenience and simplicity, it quickly gained popularity all over the world. The button on the handle of the retractable leash allows you to adjust and fix its length. This is a great leash option for walking with a pet in an urban environment.

Firstly, the dog feels free – it can easily run away from the owner and return when it wants. Secondly, such a leash provides control over the pet, practically without limiting its movement.

Finally, with proper adjustment, it does not sag or get dirty, which means it will last a long time.

tipos de trelas

Almost all manufacturers of leashes offer several sizes to choose from: from the smallest – XS, designed for pets weighing no more than 10 kg, to large – L, which are suitable for dogs weighing 50 kg or more.

In addition, leashes differ in the type of belt: there are cable and tape models. The cable roulette is suitable for small dogs. The band is stronger and is ideal for medium-sized and large breed dogs, as well as for especially active pets.

Some roulettes come with a safety loop – a cord with two rings. It is designed to insure the structure against sudden damage: if the leash suddenly breaks, the safety loop will hold the dog.

How to choose a leash?

The most important rule for choosing a tape measure leash: always leave a margin! For example, if your dog weighs 10 kg, use a 15 kg leash. It will allow you to hold the pet and at the same time will not tear if he suddenly decides to chase the cat.

In addition, it is advisable not to save on a leash. Inexpensive models, as a rule, are not of good quality mechanism, and it is likely that it may break shortly after purchase. A good dog leash will last for years if properly maintained.

How to use a leash?

A retractable leash is only suitable for adult dogs that know and follow the “Close” command. Otherwise, there is a high probability of dangerous situations when the dog will try to break the strap.

Do not play with a tape measure, twist it on your finger or pinch it under your arm. Always hold the handle firmly. Thus, in case of unforeseen circumstances, you can quickly and clearly respond to the situation.

In the city, try not to let the dog go to the maximum length of the strap. This can be dangerous, especially near the road.

Also, do not give your child a tape measure leash: its handle is not designed for a small child’s hand. Moreover, if the baby is frightened, he can unwittingly grab the cable or tape with his hand, but this cannot be done – it is so easy to damage the palm.

Roulettes of well-known manufacturers are always accompanied by instructions for their use. Do not ignore these recommendations to avoid dangerous situations.

When choosing a leash, be careful: you should consider not only the style, but also the type of construction, its size. It is important to follow the rules for using the tape measure and clean it periodically.

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