Como escolher um hotel para um cachorro?
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Como escolher um hotel para um cachorro?

Como escolher um hotel para um cachorro?

Most often, in this case, the owners choose a hotel for dogs, where pets are looked after and looked after. But, unfortunately, not all such establishments treat their guests equally well. What should you pay attention to when choosing a hotel?

What is a pet hotel?

It is believed that the first pet hotels in their modern form appeared in the United States in the 1970s. In Russia, such establishments began to open only in the 1990s. Moreover, at first the conditions for keeping animals were not fixed by law, and in fact the rules were independently established by the owner of the hotel. Changes took place in 1997, when the conditions of detention were determined at the legislative level.

Today, this industry is developing at a rapid pace. In large cities, there are all kinds of options for overexposure of a dog – from a private apartment to a real hotel! How to choose the most suitable option?

What to look for when choosing a hotel for a dog:

  1. To begin with, you should make sure that your pet is healthy, vaccinated according to age and feels great. In good hotels, a certificate from a veterinarian is a prerequisite for staying a guest.

  2. When choosing a hotel on the Internet, analyze its website, job reviews, photos and other sources of information. Many hotels, for example, have their own groups on social networks. Do not be lazy, look at the number of subscribers, their comments.

    Please note that all reviews cannot be positive. If you read only rave reviews, they are probably trying to deceive you. Pay attention to the wording of phrases and the tone of comments. They must be different.

  3. Before you come to the hotel with a pet, be sure to visit it yourself. Here you should be especially careful, because every detail matters: smells, appearance and cleanliness of the premises, as well as the work of the staff.

  4. Don’t be afraid to ask questions – after all, you trust these people with your pet. Examine the registration documents, specify how often disinfection takes place, whether the veterinarian is on duty around the clock.

  5. Pay attention to how the hotel staff communicate with customers and animals. How do they answer questions? Are they ready to tell even insignificant, at first glance, nuances? Do they ask you questions about the nature of the pet? About his habits and upbringing? And how do the dogs in the hotel react to the staff? Are they happy to meet?

  6. It is important to note that in choosing a hotel for animals, the issue of price is also important. You should not chase the cheapest offer: as a rule, low prices for a service are achieved at the expense of savings, which, of course, is not always a good solution.

Once you’ve decided on your dog’s hotel, don’t forget to pack your dog’s belongings—and it’s not just bowls and toys. It is very important to leave something that smells like the owner (for example, a scarf or scarf). So it will be easier for the pet to adapt to new conditions, and he will experience parting less painfully.

A pet is a big responsibility. Therefore, before you get a pet, you need to think through all the details, up to whether you are ready to take it with you on vacation. If not, you should decide with whom the pet will stay for this time: perhaps close people can take it for overexposure? If not, then approach the choice of a hotel with all responsibility.

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