Quanto tempo por cão por dia?

Quanto tempo por cão por dia?

This question is asked by many potential owners, trying to understand whether they have enough time and energy for a pet. However, answering the question of how much time you need for a dog per day is not so simple. Everything here is very individual.

Vamos encarar.

The dog needs to be walked – this is at least 2 hours a day. But it can be more, it depends on the breed of the dog and its individual characteristics. However, nothing less.

The dog needs to be fed – so if you choose natural food, it should be purchased and possibly prepared. With dry food in this sense it is easier.

Grooming is required and may be daily, weekly, several times a week, or more infrequent but more time-consuming at a time (such as trimming). It all depends on the characteristics of your dog.

Hygiene procedures are necessary, and here everything is also individual.

You have to work with the dog. How often and how long it takes depends on your training goals and abilities. But at least once a week it is worth exercising with any dog. The duration of the lesson is an individual matter, we write a lot about this in the section on dog training.

In addition, there are unforeseen situations that may require your attention around the clock for several days.

So what is the unequivocal answer to the question “How much time per day do you need for a dog?” no. How much time do you spend with a child? For a partner? To work? Everything is very individual!

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