Alimentação saudável: combinação de alimentos secos e úmidos

Alimentação saudável: combinação de alimentos secos e úmidos

Alimentação saudável: combinação de alimentos secos e úmidos

Remember that your pet needs a balanced diet that contains the right amount of nutrients, including vitamins and minerals.

To choose the optimal diet for a cat, you need to understand what the different types of food are. Which are more useful?

Comida molhada

There is a wide variety on the market today comida molhada: these are not only meat pieces in jelly and stew, but also pates, rolls and all kinds of treats for cats. The type of product depends on how it is prepared.

Dieta ideal

Specialists of the Waltham International Center conducted a study, the results of which revealed that the optimal diet is considered based on the alternation of wet and alimento seco. A combination of diets from different brands is allowed: you can, for example, give your cat dry Royal Canin or Pro Plan and wet Whiskas or Sheba. The main thing is to make sure that the food packaging says that the food is “balanced” or “complete”.

In the inexpensive category, the best known are Kitekat, Friskies, Whiskas and Felix. At the same time, Whiskas offers an expanded line of wet foods: jellies, cream soups, pieces in stews, mini fillets and pates. In the premium and super-premium segment, you can find food that suits not only the age, but also the lifestyle of the pet, its breed and even the characteristics of the digestive system. For example, Royal Canin offers wet and dry food for a variety of breeds, as well as cats that live indoors and do not have access to the outdoors. The Perfect Fit line of cat food has a food for cats with high stomach sensitivity, this food does not contain wheat and soy. Pro Plan has food for adult cats with sensitive skin.

A balanced diet and physical activity are essential for your cat’s health. From childhood, accustom the kitten to specialized food, and in the future this will help to avoid problems with the pet’s digestive and urinary systems.

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