Moedor para cães: como escolher e usar?
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Moedor para cães: como escolher e usar?

Moedor para cães: como escolher e usar?

What is a grinder?

The grinder is an electric nail clipper for dogs, a safe tool that does not injure the claws of the animal. It can also be called a scratching post. Suitable for use with a mechanical nail clipper. The grinder can grind the sharp corners of the claws after cutting. It is a device with a roller nozzle, which grinds and polishes the claw. The nozzle has an abrasive coating and is equipped with a cap with holes. The cap does not allow dust to scatter, yelling is formed when grinding the claws. The grinder is comfortable to hold in your hand, on average its length is 14-15 cm, and its weight varies from 100 to 300 g. The device is powered by a mains, batteries or battery.

Advantages and disadvantages of grinders

If you are afraid to cut your pet’s nails yourself, then the grinder will be a good solution for you. However, the animal may be frightened by the sound of the device. Therefore, before buying, we recommend taking the dog to a paid procedure using a grinder or borrowing a device from familiar dog owners. This way you can check how the dog reacts to the sound of the grinder.


  1. Segurança. The grinder does not injure the claw, which means that the possibility of inflammation is excluded.

  2. Fácil de usar. To work with the grinder, you do not need additional training.

  3. Versatilidade. Some models can be used for both dogs and cats. Also, the grinder can have additional nozzles – for example, a trimmer.

  4. No uneven claws. Normal nail clipping may leave burrs or sharp edges. Grinder makes nails smooth.


  1. Preço. Grinder is more expensive than regular nail clippers.

  2. Animal preparation. You may need time to get your dog accustomed to the sound of the device.

  3. The duration of the procedure. Nail polishing can take longer than regular trimming. But if you pick up a powerful device, then this disadvantage is eliminated.

Types of grinders

Grinders differ in the type of food. For some models, you will need access to a power outlet, while others can be used anywhere and not think about charging. Grinders also have different attachments, with which you sharpen your dog’s claws. Consider all types of grinders.

Alimentado por bateria

The grinder only runs on batteries. It cannot be charged from the mains or USB. Suitable for those who forget to charge their devices. You don’t have to wait to use the grinder. Batteries are easy to buy and replace.

Moedor para cães: como escolher e usar?

Alimentado por bateria

Operates on batteries and mains. It can be charged from a wall outlet or via a USB cable. The adapter for the socket is not included with all models, so carefully look at the package.

Moedor para cães: como escolher e usar?

Modern and durable diamond-coated nozzle. When grinding the surface, replace the nozzle. Accessories are sold in any online stores.

Moedor para cães: como escolher e usar?

Nozzle with sanding belt

A roller with a grinding tape is put on the nozzle. Inferior to a grindstone in terms of wear resistance. Accessories are not often found on sale.

Moedor para cães: como escolher e usar?

How to choose a grinder for dogs?

The choice depends on your needs. First of all, it should fit comfortably in your hand and not make much noise so as not to frighten your pet. Therefore, before buying online, we advise you to go to a pet store and familiarize yourself with the models. Let’s take a closer look at what you need to pay attention to before buying:

Speed ​​mode. Choose a grinder with multiple speeds. For large breeds, a grinder with a low speed is not suitable. The duration of the procedure also depends on the speed. Carry out the main cutting at high speed. Finish edges and grind burrs on low. 5400 rpm is low speed and 9000 is high speed.

Barulho. If the device makes a lot of noise and vibrates, the dog may be frightened. Compare several models in the store, choose the least noisy one. The specifications indicate noise in decibels. The sound of a quiet room reaches 40 dB, and a noisy street – 70 dB. Keep these options in mind when purchasing.

Funcionalidade. If you have multiple dogs, choose a grinder with removable attachments of different sizes. Large baits are not suitable for small dogs. A trimmer attachment may also be included with the grinder. Pay attention to this if you want to combine two devices in one.

Nozzle type. It is better to choose a nozzle-stone. She will last longer. Choose a stone with a neat, fine finish. The cap must be removed from the nozzle. You may find it more comfortable to work without a cap. See how much the accessories for the selected model cost. Sometimes the nozzle stands as a complete device.

Funcionamento da bateria. Some models work 4 hours without recharging, more expensive devices – 10 hours. If you have several dogs and plan to use the device frequently, choose a model with a powerful battery.

Conveniência. Choose a grinder that fits your hand size. Twist your hand, it should be convenient for you to operate the device. The optimal weight is 160 g. The hand will get tired from a device that is too heavy.

How to use the grinder?

  1. Train your dog to the noise of the appliance. Turn on the device, see how the dog reacts. If the animal is not afraid, start processing. Don’t treat all nails at once. Treat two or three claws, let the dog rest. For calm behavior, reward with a treat.

  2. Take a comfortable position and fix the paw so that the dog does not twitch. Make sure the animal is calm and ready for the procedure.

  3. Take a claw and insert it into the hole in the cap. Start processing from the bottom of the claw to the tip. Continue filing until you reach your desired length. Polish the claw after removing the length. Do this in a circular motion, at low speed.

  4. After the procedure, remove the cap and rinse with water. Wipe the grinder with a dry cloth, remove dust.

Medidas de segurança

  1. Wash your dog’s paws thoroughly before handling.

  2. Don’t damage blood vessels. The blood vessel looks like a pink tube inside the claw. In light claws, the vessels are clearly visible; when working with dark claws, you will have to rely on intuition. In order not to damage the vessels, remove 1-2 mm of the claw.

  3. Control that the claw does not overheat when sawing off. An overheated claw is easily damaged.

  4. Trim the long hair around the nails. It should not get between the grinder nozzle and the claw.

Dog grinder rating

When choosing the best grinder, the following parameters were evaluated: speed mode, noise, nozzle quality, battery life, price, body quality. Each device was evaluated on a 10-point scale.

  • 1 lugar. Grinder Tenberg Stim Pro – suitable for professional work (10/10)

  • 2 lugar. The Tenberg Vortex Black Grinder is a versatile option for all breeds. (10/10)

  • 3 lugar. The PetGrind grinder is a comfortable model that won’t slip out of your hands (9/10)

  • 4 lugar. The Andis grinder is a model with a durable body. (8/10)

  • 5 lugar. Grinder Codos CP-3300 is a lightweight device for all breeds. (8/10)

  • 6 lugar. The Happy Tail Grinder is a very compact model for small breeds. (7/10)

  • 7 lugar. Grinder Moser 2302-0050 – model with three additional nozzles (7/10)

  • 8 lugar. The Ziver-219 grinder is a good budget model for small breeds. (7/10)

1st place — Grinder Tenberg Stim Pro

Avaliação: 10/10

Prós: This model is part of the professional line of the brand. Easily cope with the claws of large breeds. The surface of the device is polished, fits comfortably in the hand. Works up to 10 hours without recharging. It has two speed settings and backlight. The sharpening stone and cap are removable. The kit includes an adapter.

Contras: Não encontrado.

Preço no momento da publicação: 2900 rublos.

Moedor para cães: como escolher e usar?

2nd place — Grinder Tenberg Vortex Black

Avaliação: 10/10

Prós: Suitable for all breeds. It works quietly, the animals are not afraid of the noise of the device. It has two speeds, the maximum is 6500 rpm. The sharpening stone is removable, the cap is also removed. Works without recharging up to 6 hours. Sturdy body, comfortable to hold.

Contras: There is no adapter included.

Preço no momento da publicação: 2200 rublos.

Moedor para cães: como escolher e usar?

3rd place — Grinder PetGrind

Avaliação: 9/10

Prós: Suitable for all breeds. Works quietly. Has three speed settings. Comfortable body with silicone anti-slip pads. The nozzle is supplemented with illumination, yelling helps to process claws in poor lighting conditions. Works 3 hours without recharging.

Contras: Despite the high speed limit, it copes with strongly regrown claws for a long time. There is no adapter included.

Preço no momento da publicação: 2774 rublos.

Moedor para cães: como escolher e usar?

4th place — Grinder Andis

Avaliação: 8/10

Prós: Has two speed settings. Suitable for small and medium breeds. Works quietly. It has a removable nozzle and cap, as well as an additional nozzle. Reliable durable case. The kit includes an adapter.

Contras: High price. Heavy model, weighs 272 g.

Preço no momento da publicação: 5800 rublos.

Moedor para cães: como escolher e usar?

5th place — Grinder Codos CP-3300

Avaliação: 8/10

Prós: Suitable for all breeds. Works quietly. It has a removable nozzle and cap. Works without recharging up to 3 hours. Lightweight, weighs 114 grams. Comes with a power adapter.

Contras: High price. An older battery model is being used. It has only one speed setting.

Preço no momento da publicação: 3468 rublos.

Moedor para cães: como escolher e usar?—pilka-codos-cp-3300/

6th place — Grinder Happy Tail

Avaliação: 7/10

Prós: The device is equipped with “whisper-quiet” technology, thanks to which

works at low vibrations. Good for small shy breeds. Very light model, weighs 50 g. It has a removable grinding wheel and cap.

Contras: Not suitable for large breeds. Runs on batteries only.

Preço no momento da publicação: 1000 rublos.

Moedor para cães: como escolher e usar?

7th place — Grinder Moser 2302-0050

Avaliação: 7/10

Prós: An interesting model, Oraya comes with three different additional attachments. There is only one speed mode, but the nozzle rotates in both directions. Equipped with a mini flashlight, can be used in poor lighting conditions.

Contras: Nozzle with sanding belt. Runs on batteries only.

Preço no momento da publicação: 2545 rublos.

Moedor para cães: como escolher e usar?—pilka-moser-2302-0050/

8th place — Grinder Ziver-219

Avaliação: 7/10

Prós: It has a removable grinding disc. Very quiet operation, suitable for small shy breeds.

Contras: Has one speed. Runs on batteries only. There is no protective cap. Not suitable for large breeds.

Preço no momento da publicação: 1163 rublos.

Moedor para cães: como escolher e usar?

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