Primeiro treinamento de cachorro

Primeiro treinamento de cachorro

Finally your dream came true – you brought home a new friend! And here, instead of euphoria, confusion often comes: what to do with this baby? How to raise and train a pet? What should be the first puppy training and when should it be started?

The first puppy training should take place on the same day that the baby appears in your house. However, remember that puppy training is not drill. And it is important to do everything right from the very beginning, so as not to kill the pet’s motivation in the bud.

As a rule, the first puppy training includes accustoming the baby to a nickname. We have already written about this on our portal. We will only repeat that the nickname should be associated only with positive emotions and mean that the dog will have many, many pleasant things.

Also on the first training it would be good to teach the puppy a marker of the correct behavior. You will use it in the future to show the pet at what point he was doing well. As a marker of correct behavior, you can use a clicker click or a special word.

A small puppy eats 5 – 6 times a day, and ideally, each feeding can be turned into a small workout. So you will practice often, but little by little, so as not to tire the pet and at the same time interest him in the lessons.

Do not forget that the first training of a puppy (as well as all subsequent ones) is not an obligation, not boring lessons at school, but a fun game that is enjoyable for both you and your pet. Only if you follow this important rule will you be able to raise an obedient and cooperative dog with you.

You can learn more about how to organize the first training of a puppy, as well as how to educate and train a puppy in a humane way, in our Obedient Puppy Without the Hassle course.

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