Base de segurança para cães

Base de segurança para cães

When we talk about attachment, we mean that, in addition to an emotional connection with a person, the dog also perceives him as a base of safety. What is a dog safety base?

The base of safety means that a person has managed to become the center of the universe for the pet. And the animal, even breaking away from it in order to get to know and interact with the outside world, from time to time returns to this very base. Restore contact. Like a ball on a rubber band.

When the owner is around, the dog is more active, plays more and explores the environment. When the owner is not around, the dog is more passive, waiting for his return.

Scientists have conducted attachment tests with adult dogs and puppies.

Adult dogs at first more actively explored the environment of the room where they were brought, even without the owner, but then paid less and less attention to this, as the environment became more familiar. But this is due to the fact that they are already accustomed to the absence of the owner. As for the puppies, the difference in their behavior in the presence and absence of the owner was more noticeable. As soon as the owner left the room, the puppies immediately stopped playing and exploring, regardless of the presence or absence of a stranger. And when the “security base” returned, they again started playing and exploring.

This is important to consider in everyday life. Know that in your presence the dog will behave bolder and more active. Without an owner, they are more likely to be passive.

For example, if two dogs behave tensely when they meet, the approach of the owner of at least one of them can provoke a fight. And if you scold an anxious dog for not taking your absence well (instead of working on it in a humane way), he will become even more nervous.

It is believed that the number of attachments in the life of a dog is limited, but it is not yet known exactly how many times in a life our four-legged friends are able to form an attachment. However, it is known for sure that attachment can be formed to more than one person.

If you are not sure that a secure attachment has been formed between you and your dog, and you want to improve the contact, you can always seek the help of a humane specialist for help.

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