Limpar a sujeira do cachorro lá fora
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Limpar a sujeira do cachorro lá fora

In some European and Russian cities, dog walking areas have litter bins and special vending machines with disposable bags. In Russia, the law that obliges to clean up after pets in public places is still valid only in the capital. Failure to fulfill an obligation in Moscow is an administrative offense and threatens with a fine of 2 rubles.

Now the government is proposing to increase the size of the fine – for example, it could soon amount to 3 to 4 rubles. A repeated violation committed within a year will be punishable by a fine of 10 to 20 thousand rubles. The Law on Responsible Treatment of Animals has been in preparation for six years, but has not yet been passed.

So far, these measures are only being discussed, and dog owners practically do not ask themselves how to clean up after their dog on the street. So far, not every owner cleans up after their pet, but good examples that are already in almost every yard are gradually motivating dog owners to adopt new tools. For them, pet stores have everything that will help when cleaning up after pets:

  1. Polythene or biodegradable paper bags;

  2. Scoop for cleaning;

  3. Forceps are hygienic;

  4. Plastic container for bags.

What should be the package for cleaning up after the dog?

To clean up after your dog, you can use ordinary disposable or garbage bags, but it is better to purchase special biodegradable and flavored small bags. It is advisable to take a few pieces for a walk. They are usually sold in rolls packed in special plastic containers. Such a tube has a tight lid on top and a carabiner, with which it can be attached to a leash or belt. The box has a hole for easy removal of packages.

In order to clean up after the pet, they put the bag on their hand, take the feces and, turning the bag inside out with the other hand, remove it from the hand. Thus, all waste is inside the bag. After that, the bag is tied up and thrown into the trash.

The main advantage of paper bags is that they can be recycled without harming the environment.

Cleaning with a dustpan

Sometimes dog owners take homemade disposable cardboard scoops with them for a walk. You just need to cut a piece of rectangular cardboard and bend it a little.

In addition, a scoop for cleaning can be bought. This special device has a long handle, which makes it convenient to clean up after the dog. With the help of such a scoop, you can clean in any areas. Also, pet stores usually sell multifunctional scoops with removable nozzles (rake for cleaning on grass, spatula for paths). Such a tool is equipped with a clamp with a lock, which makes it even more convenient.

Cleaning with hygienic tongs

Forceps are a small device that you need to put on a disposable bag. Most of the time, the packages come bundled. Plastic tongs are opened by pressing on their metal base and “pick up” the waste. Then they need to be opened a second time in order to throw the bag into the trash can.

All this is quite simple, does not require much effort and does not take much time. It remains only to instill in society this useful habit, which will help protect against dangerous diseases, as well as significantly brighten up the environment. Remember that a good example is contagious.

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