Você pode dar ossos para cães?

Você pode dar ossos para cães?

Você pode dar ossos para cães?

With bones, a lot depends on luck – you may have always given them to your dog and he had no problems. But believe me, not everyone is so lucky! Yes, and your luck can end at any time.

Here are the main problems that lie in wait for dogs chewing bones:

  • Fraturas dentárias – a dog can easily break a tooth (and more than one!) on a hard bone. And then the extraction of damaged teeth may be required.

  • Oral injuries – Sharp edges of bones can cut your dog’s gums, tongue and other oral mucosa. This is not only painful, but also dangerous: an infection can begin to develop in damaged areas.

  • Obstrução de vias aéreas – all or part of the bone can get stuck in the throat, blocking the airways. The dog can choke on this!

  • Complicações gastrointestinais – Bones passing through the digestive tract can cause serious damage. A piece of bone can get stuck in the esophagus, stomach, or intestines. In most cases, emergency surgery is required to remove the stuck bone. But even if the bones do not get stuck, they can cause irritation – then the pet will start vomiting, diarrhea or constipation.

Boiled bird bones are especially dangerous because they break very easily.

But in fact, any bones are dangerous for dogs, so you should not put your pet’s life and health at such risk – after all, everything can end very sadly (up to death).

Você pode dar ossos para cães?

Alternative to bones

Bones are dangerous, but dogs need something to chew on. Therefore, pet stores have a huge assortment of various chew toys and special treats for dogs, which will be a good alternative to bones.

Read more about edible toys for dogs in our article.

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