Os cães podem ter leite?

Os cães podem ter leite?

Os cães podem ter leite?

Falta de equilíbrio

The only feeding option recommended for dogs is commercially prepared dry and wet diets. Their recipe provides all the necessary elements to maintain the health and harmonious development of the animal.

In this regard, cow’s milk cannot serve as a full replacement for such diets. And this also applies to breastfed puppies, because this product contains significantly less calcium, phosphorus, fat and protein than a growing pet should receive.

As for adult dogs, the situation here is as follows: after leaving childhood, they begin to receive the necessary nutrients from other foods and no longer have the ability to absorb milk well, whatever its origin.

Probable disorder

Milk can even harm your pet. Typically, such troubles occur with adult dogs, which, unlike puppies, have lower levels of lactase, an enzyme that breaks down milk sugar (lactose). Therefore, a large amount of milk can provoke diarrhea in an animal.

The summary will be as follows: the dog should eat complete feeds, especially since they do not have a worthy alternative on the owner’s table. Of course, a pet will not be poisoned by milk, but why experiment with food that, by definition, is poorly digestible by animals?

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5 de junho de 2018

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