Os gatos podem se ofender?
Comportamento do gato

Os gatos podem se ofender?

Os gatos podem se ofender?

Para dizer mais sobre jornalista, who is a 30-year-old cat lover, says that, from the point of view of any owner, a pet can show a wide range of emotions. At the same time, resentment - not the last one. Often, some pet owners can recognize the negative emotions of their pet by the slightest change in the expression of the muzzle. However, everyone unanimously claims that cats easily move away and are not vindictive.

However, veterinarians do not support animal lovers in this matter: doctors assure that in such cases we are talking about “anthropomorphism” - tendency to endow domestic animals with human qualities. In reality, there can be no talk of any grievances in cats.

“Unfortunately, we often endow pets with traits and abilities that they do not and cannot have,” - quotes the author of the words of expert animal psychologist Marilyn Krieger. 

Abril 20 2020

Atualizado em: abril 22, 2020

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