Surgiu um novo termo para cães – “reprodução”

Surgiu um novo termo para cães – “reprodução”

Breeding is the prejudice and / or discrimination of an animal (in our case, dogs) because of belonging to a particular breed. Or due to the lack of breed.

Breeding doesn’t sound like “racism” for nothing, because in this case they tend to divide dogs into “good” and “bad” simply on the basis of a set of genes. But is it fair? And what is bridism like?

Firstly, breeding can divide dogs according to the principle of the presence or absence of a breed. And in this case, only purebred dogs are considered “quality”. And mestizos are representatives of the “second class” group. Of course, the presence or absence of a breed does not say anything about the qualities of the dog itself, so such a division is stupid.

Secondly, breeding may be associated with the attribution of some special needs to certain breeds. For example, small dogs are associated with sofas. And, it is believed that their needs are different from those of large dogs. Or that they can do nothing but bark in vain. This, of course, is nonsense, and harmful. Small dogs are no different from large dogs in terms of needs or abilities.

Thirdly, breedingism can attribute to some breeds the characteristic “dangerous”. So, for example, pit bulls or American Staffordshire Terriers and other “fighting” breeds are considered dangerous. However, the term “fighting” is incorrect in itself. As well as it is wrong to consider a dog dangerous only by belonging to a particular breed.

Breeding is pure discrimination. There is no logic in it, it ignores the personality of the dog and its upbringing, and in some cases justifies the cruelty of the owners. Indeed, with “serious” dogs, violence is indispensable, some believe – which, of course, is also not true.

Alas, breedingism cannot be overcome unless the culture of interaction between humans and dogs as a whole is changed. And in the post-Soviet space, the culture of attitude towards animals is extremely low. It is worth raising the level of education, awareness of both dog owners and society as a whole.

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