cadeiras de rodas para gatos
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cadeiras de rodas para gatos

cadeiras de rodas para gatos

When might a cat or cat need a wheelchair?

  • The animal is elderly, weakened, it requires long-term treatment with limited mobility, due to injury or illness, all legs are absent or paralyzed.

For such a case, there carrinhos, made in the likeness of children’s walking shoes, in which you can take your pet for walks. Principle of operation: the animal lies comfortably on the mattress, the mesh canopy can be fastened for safety, the owner rolls the stroller.

  • The animal does not have hind legs, but this is temporary (for example, after an injury).

You need a walker model. The principle of operation is very simple: support the animal and help in movement. Temporarily using a cart will help your cat recover from illness or surgery. It performs the function of a simulator, regulating and distributing the load on the muscles.

cadeiras de rodas para gatos
  • It will not be possible to return mobility to the paws, but in general the animal feels good.

You will need a “walker” or “trolley” model – for the hind or front legs, respectively. The wheelchair gives a chance to walk using only one pair of limbs.

  • All four paws are problematic for one reason or another.

A model on four wheels will help. Principle of work: support of an animal and the help in movement.

Cats, unlike dogs, take longer to get used to strollers. So just be persistent and you’ll be fine

Time after time, with treats and affection, you will accustom the animal to the unit on wheels. And as soon as the cat ceases to be afraid of an incomprehensible device, it will quickly appreciate its advantages. You will be surprised how cleverly she will manage her vehicle!

cadeiras de rodas para gatos

How to choose a stroller?

The first step is to study the offers on the Internet. Contact manufacturers. Read reviews. Imported products are comfortable and beautiful, but their cost is high. Excellent strollers can be purchased both in Europe (in Italy, for example) and in the USA. The cost is calculated individually, on average – about 200 euros plus shipping. True, you will have to wait about a month.

You can buy in Russia. There are a lot of offers both in the market and in social networks. The stroller will be simpler in appearance and, perhaps, more modest in functionality. But she does her job well. The cost is from 4 thousand to 15 thousand rubles.

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