Temperatura normal em gatos

Temperatura normal em gatos

Temperatura normal em gatos

Normal body temperature for cats

If you open a textbook on physiology, you can find out from it that the temperature in cats varies from 37,5 to 39 degrees Celsius. However, in reality, in kittens and older animals, these numbers may differ (they will be lower). In an excited or frightened healthy cat, 39,5 degrees or more may well be a variant of the norm.

So what body temperature is considered normal in cats, and why is the norm so variable?

Factors affecting temperature


Until the age of 10 days (neonatal period), kittens cannot independently maintain their body temperature. They are heated by the warmth of the mother or other external sources (heating pads). The normal body temperature of a newborn kitten is between 35 and 36 degrees, but it also directly depends on the temperature in the nest.

If there is no mother, or for some reason she does not care for the offspring, the owner will have to take care of the babies. Place heating pads in the nest. If it is electric, then select the weakest mode on it. If you place water in a bottle, then its temperature should be around 40 degrees. Cover the bottle with several layers of blankets. If you are using a red lamp, it is important to place the thermometer at the warmest spot. The temperature should not exceed 30 degrees, otherwise the kids may overheat.

By the age of one month, a kitten’s temperature of 38 degrees is considered the norm. Further, adult animals have a normal temperature, it can fluctuate depending on various factors, but always remains within 37,5–39 degrees. Older pets are usually less active and their body temperature rarely exceeds 38 degrees Celsius.

Temperatura normal em gatos


In general, if the fluffy couch potato is calm, its temperature is lower than that of an active and cheerful cat, for example, the Abyssinian or Burmese breed.

Horas do dia

In the morning the result is usually lower than in the afternoon. A cat is a twilight predator, and all the processes of its vital activity take place more actively in the evening.

Excesso de peso

In overweight animals, body temperature is usually lower than in moderately well-fed animals.

Dimension response

If the animal is calm enough about the measurement procedure, its temperature will be closer to the lower limit of normal. If the cat is physically active, resists measurement, tries to run away or bite, then the figure will be higher.

Table with norms


Até 10 dias

dias 10 - 30

month–10 years

mais velho

35 - 37 pés





37 - 38 pés





38 - 39 pés


increased / norm



mais 39





Causes of temperature deviation from the norm


Basically, when talking about temperature in cats, they mean hyperthermia.

Such a nuisance can occur for many reasons, but mainly it is due to the body’s response to the inflammatory process or pain. Elevated ambient temperature, prolonged exposure to a hot room or direct sunlight can cause hyperthermia. If your cat has a high temperature, stress may be the cause.

Temperatura normal em gatos

Temperatura baixa

Hypothermia can be noted in cats in a state of general weakness and dehydration, in small kittens if they are left without an external source of heat. If the cat has a low temperature, hypothermia may be the cause.

How to understand that a cat has a temperature?

Signs of general malaise in a furry friend should always be alarming. The most important indication that a pet’s body temperature should be measured is a change in its behavior: a decrease in activity, a refusal to play, a desire to hide. You may also notice that the cat has become worse eating or completely abandoned the usual food.

Without thermometry, it is impossible to find out if there is a temperature.

There is a well-established opinion that if a pet has a dry and warm nose, he has a fever. And if it’s wet and cold, then everything is fine. In fact, a dry and warm nasal speculum can also occur in a perfectly healthy cat, for example, after sleeping. You should not pay attention to this sign, and if in doubt, you need to measure the temperature rectally.

Temperatura normal em gatos

How to measure body temperature in cats at home?

Many cats experience stress when they leave their familiar home, and going to the veterinary clinic for such animals can be a real challenge. Therefore, sometimes the owner may need to independently measure the body temperature of a pet at home.

It is important to remember that it is your direct responsibility to ensure the safety of all participants in the process. Therefore, if in doubt, it is better to entrust the procedure to professionals. In any case, do not try to perform manipulations on weight.

Use a bag, muzzle, and collar to secure your cat to protect it from its claws and teeth. If you do not have these devices, try to carefully swaddle the cat with a towel or blanket. Involve an assistant in the procedure. Don’t scare the patient. It is better to measure the body temperature of an animal rectally – with an electronic or mercury thermometer.

Measurement with a children’s electronic thermometer

The best way to measure body temperature in cats is to do it rectally. Children’s electronic thermometer – atraumatic (flexible, soft), has a small tip, and it is convenient to handle. To take an animal’s temperature with it:

  1. treat the tip of the thermometer with an antiseptic;

  2. apply any oily cream or ointment to the tip;

  3. insert the tip of the thermometer rectally (no more than 1,5 cm);

  4. wait for the beep;

  5. remove carefully;

  6. re-treat the thermometer with an antiseptic.

Temperatura normal em gatos

Temperature measurement with a mercury thermometer

This method gives a more accurate result, but it will take longer and more reliably to fix the patient, since it is more traumatic. It partially repeats the measurement described above:

  1. treat the tip of the thermometer with an antiseptic;

  2. apply any oily cream or ointment to the tip;

  3. insert the tip of the thermometer rectally (no more than 1,5 cm);

  4. aguarde 6 minutos;

  5. carefully remove the tip of the thermometer;

  6. re-treat the thermometer with an antiseptic.

termômetro infravermelho can be used by applying from the inner surface of the auricle. But the error of such a measurement is quite large, and it cannot be considered accurate.

Temperatura normal em gatos

What to do with a temperature in cats?

First of all, it is worth noting that the result of a change in body temperature in cats is not as important as the well-being of the patient.

This means that if the pet is cheerful, active, playing, he has an excellent appetite, and febre insignificantly, he needs to provide a sparing regime and special conditions. This is being in a comfortable, well-ventilated area, unlimited access to fresh drinking water and peace. It is necessary to observe the animal and repeat the measurements no earlier than in half an hour. If the cat is lethargic, not as playful as usual, not interested in what is happening, refuses to eat, or you have other symptoms (vomiting, diarrhea, itching), then this is a reason to immediately contact your veterinarian.

If hyperthermia is associated with external factors, they, of course, need to be eliminated – ventilate the room, turn on the air conditioner. You can wet the paws, stomach and head with water at room temperature.

In no case should you try to bring down the temperature yourself. The use of some “human” antipyretics (for example, paracetamol) can lead to the death of a cat.

Temperatura normal em gatos

If you are faced with hypothermia cats, but she feels good, try to provoke her into active actions – play with her, feed her, change the thermometer. Repeat measurements.

If the cat is cold, place it in a warm place, place a heating pad nearby (if not, wrap hot water bottles in towels).

Separately, it should be said that a decrease in temperature is a frequent consequence of anesthesia and muscle relaxation. This condition can be life-threatening, therefore, until all indicators are completely stabilized, it is better to leave the animal under the supervision of specialists. If you take the patient home, strictly follow the recommendations of the attending physician.

Thus, a significant and persistent change in the body temperature of a cat is always a reason to seek help from specialists.

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