Como desmamar um gato para roubar comida da mesa?
Comportamento do gato

Como desmamar um gato para roubar comida da mesa?

Como desmamar um gato para roubar comida da mesa?

Sometimes it seems that the dining table is the most interesting part of the apartment for a cat. The pet strives to jump in and settle down somewhere in the center for sleep, or even steal a piece or two of sausage from the owner’s plate.

Before you start re-educating a pet, you need to find out why the cat behaves this way. After all, often the owner himself is to blame.

Reasons for destructive behavior:

  • Dieta errada. If a cat constantly feels hungry or eats improperly, she will make attempts to get her own food;

  • Estragado. The owners allow the pet to climb on the table when there is no food, or feed the pet from their own plate. As a result, the pet is spoiled and accustomed to feast on pieces;

  • Hunting instinct and curiosity. It is not easy for an active and inquisitive cat to pass by a table on which various dishes are displayed. Cats have an excellent sense of smell, it is 14 times better than a human! So sometimes even the most well-mannered pet cannot resist the seductive smell.

Weaning a cat from an addiction is not so easy. The owner will have to be patient. The main thing in this business is the sequence of actions, adherence to the plan and the coordinated work of all family members. So, if one person tries to wean a cat, and the other allows her to jump on the table, there will be no result. Therefore, it is important to discuss with the household the new rules of conduct and adhere to them.

How to wean a cat to steal from the table?

  1. A cat by nature is a real hunter. And pets living in an apartment are no exception. Catchers, fishing rods, balls are not just toys, but a real training in hunting skills. Just remember that, having played enough, the cat should receive a reward in the form of food, because the main element of a successful hunt is prey.

    If the pet does not have enough activity, and after the game there is no reward, he begins to hunt and get food on his own.

    It does not matter what will play the role of prey: food on the table or leftovers in the trash can. That is why it is worth playing with the cat as often as possible, and at the end of the exercise it is recommended to give her a treat, at least a little.

  2. An improperly formulated diet or hunger is another common cause of destructive behavior in a cat. To avoid nutritional problems, choose high-quality food, watch the portion sizes and your pet’s diet. When choosing, it is better to consult a veterinarian.

    In addition, worms can be another cause of hunger. Even a pet needs regular anthelmintic prophylaxis. The veterinarian must prescribe the drug.

  3. If the cat climbs on the table and steals food out of curiosity, you will have to scare the pet a little. But this must be done unobtrusively so that she does not know who exactly is behind the trick.

    Try taking a few empty plastic bottles or iron cans and tying them together. Leave it on the table. It is necessary to cover almost the entire surface area with them. Having jumped on the table, the cat will surely catch one of the bottles, and then the whole structure will fall to the floor with a crash. These animals do not like sharp loud sounds. A couple of unsuccessful attempts should discourage any desire to walk around the table.

    Instead of cans and bottles, you can use a spray bottle or a jet of water. It is only important to make sure that the cat does not guess in whose hands it is.

  4. You can reduce the feline interest in the table by offering your pet an alternative. Indeed, very often the table is a strategically convenient place for observing others – according to the cat, of course. Nail a shelf, put a bedding there and show your pet a new place.

  5. Most importantly, do not leave leftover food on the table or dirty dishes in the sink. Don’t provoke the cat.

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