Como socializar um gato: dicas
Comportamento do gato

Como socializar um gato: dicas

Como socializar um gato: dicas

  1. Realize that it’s not your fault or the cat’s.

    First of all, calm down. You have done a good deed by giving the cat a home, care and love. And with a probability of 99% you are not to blame for the fact that your cat is afraid of everything and hides from you. Most likely, she had a difficult past when she was offended, or a street life where she had no opportunity to socialize properly.

  2. Be patient and compassionate

    Unfortunately, the process of socialization of an adult cat is slow. It will take you a long time for the pet to calm down and begin to trust you. It may even seem to you that all this is useless and nothing will work; you might consider returning the cat to a shelter, but please don’t give up. Everything will work out if you apply maximum effort and patience.

  3. Start with a small space

    The cat may be uncomfortable in a large, unfamiliar space. To get started, place her in a small room right away with all the things she needs – a tray, bowls, toys, a scratching post and a bed. Let her get used to this room, and only then she will study the rest of the places in your house.

  4. Minimize loud sounds

    Do not turn on the TV or music very loudly. Don’t shout and don’t party. Until your cat settles into your home, do not disturb her with noise. Remember that cats have very sensitive hearing, and your pet is already scared, so try not to scare her at least with sounds.

  5. Let the cat come closer to you

    When the cat does come out of hiding, do not rush to touch it. Don’t pick her up right away. Extend your arm in a relaxed position, palm down, and let the cat determine how close it will come to you.

  6. Use a soothing pheromone

    Cat soothing pheromones are synthetic versions of the “happy cat” pheromones that these animals leave behind when they rub their cheek against you or your furniture. Use these remedies to calm your pet.

  7. Consult with a zoopsychologist

    Sometimes you just can’t do without the help of a specialist. If you’re having trouble socializing your cat, see a pet psychologist. He will tell you what steps to take in your particular case. And in order not to irritate an already frightened pet, you can consult with a zoopsychologist online – in the Petstory mobile application. You can download it from the link. The cost of such a consultation is 899 rubles.

Como socializar um gato: dicas

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