Como separar gatos brigados?
Comportamento do gato

Como separar gatos brigados?

On the one hand, several cats in the house are a joy. And not only for the owner, but also for the animals themselves. They will never be bored or lonely, they always have company and a partner to play with. But, alas, not a single friendship is complete without quarrels, and in the case of animals, even without fights.

Signs of real conflict between cats:

  1. Claws released;

  2. Ears pinned down;

  3. Wool stands on end (one of the main indicators of a fight);

  4. Cats hiss, growl at each other;

  5. In a fight there is always a clear aggressor (in games, no matter how bloodthirsty they may be, the roles are constantly changing).

Why do cats fight?

The most common cause of cat fights is competition. Cats are naturally possessive. They will certainly compete in the struggle for territory, food, affection and attention of the owner. Even if everyone gets it equally.

If suddenly fights began in animals that previously coexisted peacefully, pay attention to the health of the pets. Perhaps one of them is sick, and the other tried to play with him. Aggression in this case is a defensive reaction.

If you already have a cat and are planning to get another one, be prepared for the fact that they can sort things out for a long time.

  • Most often conflicts occur between two cats. Affects male aggression and a more pronounced instinct of territorial ownership;

  • Females can also arrange fights. The reason is the same competition;

  • Different-sex cats rarely fight “to the last.” Most often there are short skirmishes, although they can be quite noisy. However, much depends on the nature of the pets.

O que fazer?

  1. Do not try to separate the animals yourself. Getting into a cat fight is very dangerous! An angry cat is unlikely to understand that the owner is in front of her. And bites and scratches can be quite deep.

  2. As you know, a rare cat loves water – this is something you can use when separating fighters. Try spraying the animals with a spray bottle or just splashing water on them.

  3. Loud noise can also distract the animals from the fight. Put a few coins in a metal jar and, as soon as the cats start to quarrel, just shake the makeshift rattle. Another option is a vacuum cleaner.

  4. A good way to disorientate pets is to throw a thick and light blanket over them. This will distract the fighters and help them cool down a bit.

When you manage to separate the pets, place them in different rooms. This will help them calm down.

Even if at first glance the animals have no damage, carefully inspect them for scratches and bites. Long-haired members of the family should be especially carefully checked. Shallow wounds can be treated with an antiseptic on their own. If the wound is deep, you need to take the pet to the veterinarian.

How to prevent a fight?

It is very important not only to know how to separate cats, but also what measures to take to prevent a recurrence of the conflict.

  1. Since cats are very possessive, it is important to provide each pet with their own supplies. A scratching post, a tray, a bowl, toys and even combs for neighboring animals should not be shared;

  2. Feeding should be simultaneous, portions should always be the same. When cats cannot get along in any way, it is better to place the bowls away.

  3. If one pet needs more food, feed it discreetly to the other;

  4. Spaying and spaying can significantly reduce a cat’s level of aggression, nervousness, and territorial possessiveness.

Of particular note are the fights between the kittens. In most cases, the resulting brawls are just games, although they look intimidating. Therefore, do not worry about how to separate the kittens. Growing predators simply work out hunting techniques on their fellow tribesmen.

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