Como criar um gatinho?
Tudo sobre o gatinho

Como criar um gatinho?

Start nurture

Best of all, the rules of behavior and manners are learned by kittens under the age of 6 months, while most of the skills – both good and bad – the kitten remembers up to 3 months. But even at an older age, the pet is able to learn the rules of good manners. You can educate him, and the main thing in this will be understanding the features of the cat’s perception of the world.

Like small children, a kitten should be looked after, cared for, fed and surrounded by love. From the very first days of the appearance in the house, it is worth accustoming him to certain rules of behavior. The animal must know what is possible and what is not.

In the process of education, it is important to remember the main rule – never punish a kitten, because he will not understand the connection between punishment and his specific misconduct.

The memory of kittens is short-term, so after 8-10 seconds after the commission of this or that act, he simply will not understand what is the reason for your dissatisfaction.

Punishment won’t solve the problem

Imagine for a moment: the kitten went to the toilet past the tray, you returned home, saw this and punished him. Do you think you did everything right? But the pet thinks differently. He is glad of your return, runs to meet, and you take and poke his nose into a puddle, and even wave your hands and raise your voice. The animal naturally considers you inadequate, your behavior unpredictable, and your own little world fragile. As a result, the kitten will more actively begin to defend its territory by marking. And you will get exactly the opposite result.

Any undesirable behavior of the animal should be prevented at the time of the offense. You can scare a cat with cotton or spraying with a spray bottle. Repeat these techniques until your pet gets used to bad manners and understands what he is doing wrong.

As regras devem ser seguidas

In the process of raising a kitten or already an adult cat, remember that pets live according to the laws of wildlife, and not human society. They do not understand that today you are good and caress them, and tomorrow you are in a bad mood, and you arrange a debriefing.

When you forbid something to a pet, you should not make indulgences. The rules established in the house should work without exceptions. When a kitten bites your hands, grabs your legs, tearing the skin to the blood, do not play with it with your hands and feet, the next time the hunting instinct may work when you do not expect it. Teach the animal that your hands are always affection and tasty food.

By following these simple rules, some problems with your pet can be avoided. The kitten will quickly figure out what is good and what is bad, and will bring peace to the house, and peace and tenderness to you.

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