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So what is the best way to transport a pet? The times when cats were carried on their hands are long gone. Now pet stores offer an undeniably luxurious selection of different pet carriers, from simple soft bags to hand-woven special baskets. Why, out of all this sea of ​​proposals, is it worth choosing carrying backpacks, why are they so convenient?

Pros and cons of a backpack

Carrying backpacks are relatively new to the pet market, but have already gained popularity among cat owners. Particularly interesting are not ordinary fabric backpacks with zippers and ventilation windows, but models using plastic and a porthole window, which in the warm season can be replaced with a special metal or plastic insert.

Portador de gato

Without a doubt, the main advantage of the backpack is that when carrying a pet, both hands remain free. This is especially important when flying and traveling long distances, when, in addition to a pet, you have to carry or carry another bag (or even several) with things. Thanks to the porthole, the cat can see the world around it better, and it is less nervous.

The disadvantage of such backpacks is the constant swaying of the pet when walking, which can cause him discomfort.

O que procurar na hora de comprar?

So that trips and walks for the cat and the owner do not turn into a nightmare in reality, you need to carefully and even meticulously choose a carrier. When buying, be sure to pay attention to the material from which the backpack is made. If it is plastic, then it should be odorless, not scratched, especially from the inside, be light and at least look reliable. If it is a fabric, then the weaving should be dense, reinforced. All places that a cat can gnaw through (for example, vents and viewing windows) must be securely reinforced. The fabric or plastic next to them should be undamaged.

Portador de gato

Pay special attention to accessories. All zippers, rivets, carabiners must be reinforced and vandal-proof. The task of the backpack is to keep the cat inside, even if it is not going to be there and rushes out. The straps should also be made of strong fabric, stitched and reinforced so as not to break, even if the cat starts to rage behind your back.

It is best that the bottom of the backpack is made of plastic, which can be easily washed if embarrassment occurs. In addition, cats feel much more confident if they do not have wrinkled tissue under their paws, but something relatively hard. The backpack should have enough ventilation holes so that the animal can breathe easily.

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